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Hi BIWA members,

Save 20% On All Non-Promotion Services!

This BIWA membership entitles you to an amazing 20% discount on any non-promotional service at any Shampoo Lounge / Bali Barber location of your choice. Whether you're a regular visitor or someone who frequents our salon, spa, and barber services, this is a fantastic opportunity to save on all your visits.


A 20% ongoing discount is a big deal for a small business and we would appreciate a candid review of your visit if possible. As a BIWA member also, I also welcome suggestions on how we can improve our business to operate at a world class level. Feel free to let me know.




Simply fill out this form and our team will add your information your BIWA discount  to our system for future visits. 

Where Do You Live
Preferred Location

Thanks we've got your request and will update our record system. Please mention BIWA discount upon arrival at TSL. 

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