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Welcome to Beautiful Bali,

The Shampoo Lounge & Bali Barber is happy to attend to the the hair styling needs of the attendees of the July 15 Travel Centre event held in Nusa Dua. We have set up three Styling & Barbering Pop Up locations to serve you properly. You can book in for service using this page. Please be aware, service is limited to ~ twenty minutes/client so please arrive on time, be prepared, and notify us if you can't make your booking. 

Day of Event Hair Styling Selection

The Shampoo Lounge is pleased to offer onsite blowouts, Blow waves, hair styling, and updos for your special event. We also have a selection of updo accessories, hair products, and brushes available for purchase. Each booking is scheduled for a 20-minute time slot, so please note that styling options are limited to the gallery or similar styles. We ask that you arrive with clean and dry hair prior to your appointment and select your desired hairstyle in advance. If you would like to include flower or accessory attachments, please feel free to bring your own or choose from our selection. If you have any special requests regarding the use of hairspray or hair teasing, please inform our customer service team upon check-in. As Bali can be a high humidity destination, we recommend the use of hairspray for long-lasting results.

Bali Barber Gentlemen's Barber Service

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Bali Barber is the preferred choice for men's grooming on the island. Our expert barbers will be available on-site to provide haircuts, beard trims, and styling services for your special occasion. As a pop-up barber service, we anticipate a high demand, so we kindly request that you arrive with clean hair and a photo example of your desired hairstyle. We also have a photo menu available to assist you in communicating your preferences to your barber. If you prefer not to use any styling paste, pomade, or hairspray, please inform our barbers accordingly. However, please note that due to Bali's high humidity climate, the use of hair products or hairspray is recommended for some styles or hair types to ensure lasting results.

July 15 Booking 
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