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10 Gorgeous Rainbow Hairstyles – Hair Color Trends 2022

Experimenting by adding colour into our hair has long since been a favoured hair technique. Whether we choose something cool and trendy like baby pink or baby blue on the ends. Something natural like brown or blonde to enhance our hair. We can even be bold and choose a bright red or perhaps a green. Something which has been growing in popularity in the hair world as of late is one step further. Rainbow hair.

Rainbow hair includes several different bright colours in your hair and we think it looks just incredible. Here’s 10 gorgeous rainbow hairstyles for you to swoon over and perhaps copy!

1. Pastel Rainbow Boxer Braids

These beautiful boxer braids are the best way to show off the absolutely stunning hair colours at work here! Starting from a pretty pale pink, this hair blends quickly into a pastel lilac, then a baby blue. The look then melts to a mint green and finishes with a lemon yellow. Working two french braids on either side of the head is the best way to show off the colours at work here!

2. Black Hair with Rainbow Highlights