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10 Gorgeous Rainbow Hairstyles – Hair Color Trends 2022

Experimenting by adding colour into our hair has long since been a favoured hair technique. Whether we choose something cool and trendy like baby pink or baby blue on the ends. Something natural like brown or blonde to enhance our hair. We can even be bold and choose a bright red or perhaps a green. Something which has been growing in popularity in the hair world as of late is one step further. Rainbow hair.

Rainbow hair includes several different bright colours in your hair and we think it looks just incredible. Here’s 10 gorgeous rainbow hairstyles for you to swoon over and perhaps copy!

1. Pastel Rainbow Boxer Braids

These beautiful boxer braids are the best way to show off the absolutely stunning hair colours at work here! Starting from a pretty pale pink, this hair blends quickly into a pastel lilac, then a baby blue. The look then melts to a mint green and finishes with a lemon yellow. Working two french braids on either side of the head is the best way to show off the colours at work here!

2. Black Hair with Rainbow Highlights

Of course, you needn’t dye all of your hair with rainbow colours if you don’t quite want to! Copy this lady and add the rainbow to your hair through highlights. Leave your roots your natural colour, then choose a selection of vibrant colours to add throughout. This lady has gone for red, yellow, blue, purple and orange too. Curl the hair to show off this rainbow style!

3. Hidden Rainbow Style

You can add the rainbow into your hair in a super subtle manner too. Just like this lovely lady pictured above has proved! Her hair is naturally a gorgeous shade of copper, but she’s added rainbow dye in a hidden section in the middle. Choosing the full rainbow colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, she’s created a rainbow section which will be showed off when the hair is up or curled!

4. Random Rainbow Patches

The best part about rainbow hair is that you can be as creative as you like. For example, this lady has dyed random sections of her hair different colours and the end result is truly unique. Shes gone for purple, blue, pink, red, yellow, green and orange. The colours blend from one to another seamlessly. She’s curled the hair for a wonderful end result too.

5. Subtle Pastel Rainbow Locks

There are ways of working the rainbow into your hair in a pretty and subtle manner too! For example, this girl’s beautiful white blonde hair is full of pretty coloured highlights. From pink to purple to blue, all pastel of course, she’s weaved the colours through her natural locks. Add ringlets from top to bottom to showcase this phenomenal colouring work.

6. Rainbow Ombre Locks

Ombre is a fantastic hair transition to use when adding rainbow colours to your hair. It will melt one colour into the next seamlessly, which is ideal for rainbow hair! Start with a bright pink, blend to a pastel purple. Then comes the blue, the green and of course the yellow to finish. Add lots of big barrel curls from top to bottom to show off your locks!

7. Rainbow Tips

Some of you might not want to dye all of your hair rainbow. That’s fair enough. However, you can still achieve a stunning rainbow finish without dying all of your hair. How about just dying the tips like this lady? She’s created a beautiful rainbow look using only the tips of her hair. The roots are still a beautiful bright blonde, and the ends are purple, blue, red and orange for a fab rainbow look.

8. Dramatic Rainbow Barrel Curls

Dramatic hairstyles are the best for showing off rainbow hairstyles. That’s why adore this incredible look! Starting with a stunning purple shade at the top of the head, this hairstyle quickly melts into a range of rainbow colours. From pink to blue, green to yellow and even orange. Huge sections of this hair are covered. Add big, bold barrel curls to finish for effect.

9. Complicated Rainbow Curls

Taking rainbow style to the next level is easily done. This is proved by this gorgeous lady’s hair! She’s taken blue, red, yellow, orange and green and coloured them in different sections all over the hair. By mixing the colours in you get this incredible and dramatic end result. Adding lots of tight ringlets from top to bottom truly brings this style to life.

10. French Braid Neon Rainbow

Neon colours are perfect when you’re working with rainbow hair. This lady starts her hair from a bright pink and blends it to yellow, green, two different types of blue and finishes on a white. To show off the colours melting together, she’s worked long boxer braids into her hair. Starting from the front of the hair and sweeping all of the hair up into French braids down the back of the head.

We absolutely can’t get enough of these rainbow hairstyles. Are you brave enough to try them for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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Articcle written by Rebecca for Styles Weekly


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