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10 Hairstyles You Can Achieve With Hair Extensions

You'd be forgiven for thinking your options for hairstyles with hair extensions are limited.

And I don't mean to be blunt, but you're wrong.


Did you know you can achieve pretty much any hairstyle you want using Halo extensions?

I'm serious.

Yeah sure you can do curls and beach waves and maybe even a ponytail, but did you know you can style Halo hair extensions into topknots, braids, high buns and so so much more?

If you're using a Halo, there is no limit when it comes to hairstyles with hair extensions.

You're probably wondering why Halo extensions allow for such extensive styling options compared to their permanent and clip in counterparts.

Well, the answer is simple.

Unlike other hair extensions, Halo's don't have any bulky clips nor do they have to bind to specific sections of hair.

This means you can place and manipulate them wherever you need to create your desired style.

The nylon wire which secures the Halo is extremely inconspicuous and cannot be seen at all when the hair is pulled back, unlike the wefts or clips of other extensions.

This wire can also be removed altogether to create a hair wrap when styling high ponytails or adding bulk to up-dos.

Another reason Halo extensions reign supreme for hairstyles with hair extensions is because you can choose the thickness you need.

From Fine to Medium and even Thick, Sitting Pretty offer Halo hair extensions in three varying levels of thickness.

This is ideal as it means you can tailor the thickness of the halo depending on what hairstyle you're trying to achieve.

Wanting to add bulk to a messy bun?

Use the fine Halo.

After a little extra length and volume for that high pony?

The Medium Halo is for you.

Or want to get those long luscious, super thick mermaid waves all over Instagram?

Check out ya girl, the THICK halo.

The possibilities are endless for hairstyles with hair extensions thanks to Halos, so to help you narrow the field, I've rounded up my top 10 hairstyles you can achieve with hair extensions.

10 hairstyles with Halo hair extensions

1. Mermaid waves

Under the sea, darling it's better.

Better with a Halo that is.

Sure you might be able to get these majestic mermaid waves sans the Halo, but uh... see above.

When it comes to hairstyles with hair extensions, Mermaid waves and Halos go together better than Ariel and Sebastian.

(Sorry Prince Eric, you ain't all that)

If your hair is a little on the thin side, a Halo will take this style from awkward early 2000s teen with overly gelled Triple barrel curls (if you need a reference, HMU on Myspace) to a sexy siren.

... Who wears a cute clam bra.

.... nd lures men to their deaths.

To achieve this look, apply a heat a protection spray and put your halo on as you normally would.

Take semi-wide sections of hair and hold your mermaid waver in place for a few seconds before sliding it gently down the hair shaft.

Leave about an inch of your hair untouched at the end for a more natural look and finish with a texturising spray.

2. Low Ponytail

Once the hairstyle of choice for young colonial men off to war, the low ponytail has had a serious glow up over the last few years.

And on behalf of all lazy girls, I am stoked.

But there's a fine line between looking like a stylish low-maintenance lady and a .. well ... colonial boy eager to die for your country.

And a Halo is the perfect way to ensure you stay on the chic side of things.

You can also achieve a similar look by sleeping in tight braids, just make sure to braid your Halo too.

Fine, Medium and Thick Halos are all ponytail friendly, it just depends on how thick your own locks are. If your hair is thin, stick to the Fine or Medium pieces as they won't weigh as heavily in your hair. Just place your Halo where you normally would and from your ears downward, pull your locks back into a low ponytail using your thumbs. Leave an inch wide section of hair to wrap around the base of the pony to hide the hair elastic before your tie the pony in place.

Pull out some pieces at the crown of your head to create volume and a few pieces at the front your face to frame your features. Roughly curly the ponytail to blend the Halo better and add some texturising spray to finish.

How To Do A Ponytail With Halo Hair Extensions

3. Twists

Cute, effortless and versatile, twists are a style staple for a reason.

Unlike a few hairstyles with hair extensions, there is no twist (lol) to putting the Halo in to achieve this look.