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10 post-lockdown hair transformations to inspire your next trip to the hairdresser

Lockdown has lifted and we’re allowed back in our favourite salons again. Here, 10 women share the dramatic before and after hair transformations they’ve spent the past year planning.

Oh hairdressers, how we’ve missed you. We’ve missed that straight-from-the-salon blowdry, the swishy, sweet-smelling hair, the 10-fold confidence on exiting the building. We’ve even missed being asked where we’re planning to go on holiday this year (spoiler alert: still nowhere).

Since salons reopened their doors, we’ve been heading back to the stylists’ chairs in our droves, and boy, does it feel good to be back. And it’s not just us who are happy to be back in the salon chair. The stylists are happy to have us.

“It’s been so wonderful to be back in the salon, behind the chair doing what I love,” Michael Bozina at Gina Conway Notting Hill told us. “We have been insanely busy. It’s so wonderful to be able to share lockdown stories. Each and every guest has literally said how thrilled they are to have their hair done and guests are bouncing out the salon, swinging their new beautiful hair about. I get such a buzz from that.”

In celebration, and in case you’re yet to make your appointment and need some inspiration, eleven women share their dramatic post-lockdown hair transformations with us, from bold pixie crops to beautiful braids.

Lydia Graham

“I’ve never felt more myself with a pixie crop. I had mid-length hair for nine years so got very comfortable with that but thought now more than ever was the time to try something new.”

Hair by: Philipp Haug

Charlotte Williams

“There’s nothing that makes me feel more put together than getting my hair done and my hairdresser Kola never lets me down. We tried something new this time – a slightly lighter hair colour and thicker braids. I’m often teased by my friends for getting the same style every time, but Kola knows me so well and took me out of my comfort zone. This was all to prepare me for what she’s got up her sleeve for summer (I’m both scared and excited!)”

Hair by: Kola


“I was counting down the days to my hair transformation. The volume of my hair was making me dread the whole process – from washing to styling – so most of the time I would rather just pull it back or tie it in a bun so I could hide the frizz and the grey hairs. Lacking the flow, the movement I was craving for my hair, I was positive my hairdresser Michael would sort it, and I trusted him.

“I love the layers, they help so much with toning the volume of my hair down. The colours are very natural and suit me perfectly. I feel lighter and empowered. Now I love showing my hair off every day. My bun days are over!

Hair by: Michael van Clarke


“I love my new look – it’s short for me but it has kind of made me feel and look younger!”

Hair by: Hair De La Reine

Jessica Jane

“I was precious about my long hair until I met my hairdresser husband, Lee Stafford, and I saw how beautiful and face framing shorter hair is. Two of my close friends went through chemo over lockdown, one after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and watching their bravery throughout and how they have embraced and rocked their shorter hair inspired me. I literally woke up one morning and said to Lee: ‘I want you to cut my hair off!’ I waited until I could book my colourist Siobhan Haug for a scalp bleach and then Lee chopped it off the night before. It’s the shortest my hair has ever been and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with it. It’s liberating. I want to go shorter next time!”

Jess D

“Before, I was wearing a straight black wig, and then opted for ombre crochet passion twists, which I had done at the Peckham Palms. The braiding hair is Black-owned, from Yene’s Daughter. I absolutely love my new look! I was recommended to go to The Peckham Palms by my sister and I’m so glad I did. The hair was done really well and quickly, and I can’t wait to go back again. Thanks to Anthonia there for my new look.”

Hair by: The Palms, Peckham


“I’ve never considered myself to be a girly girl. Always in jeans and jumpers, with my hair in a bun (probably not washed or brushed) hiding me from my personality in a way. My hairdresser Siobhan has shown me that my hair is a way to show who you are. I am soft and feminine; I am brave and daring and fun and bright. If someone can show you who you are through the colour of your hair, you know they are good at what they do. So thanks to her for making me feel like the fairy my seven-year-old self always wished to be.”

Hair by: Siobhan Jones

Charlene Green

“I feel great after my haircut – a fresh new style, and I also relaxed my hair and had a nice new hair colour too. I feel better, and very happy.”

Hair by: Hair by Ruth Codinha

Beth Rees

“After eight months of not being able to have my hair done, I’m so chuffed with my new look. I’ve wanted to do it for ages. I feel so much more confident and love trying something new and bright. Lindsey my hairdresser is a superstar!”

Hair by: Lindsey Hughes at Hair By Chance, Cardiff

Mairijane Mcbrearty

“I absolutely love my new look. Being mixed race, braids make day-to-day life so much easier as I don’t need to worry about hair washing routines etc, plus they make me feel unique as it’s a style not many people where I’m from in Glasgow tend to have. They make me confident but also make me appreciate my culture.”

Hair by: Promise at Splendour, Glasgow

article written by Rebecca Cox for Stylist

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