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15 Best Stunning Brown Hair Colour Ideas for 2022 | Hair Trend Report 2022

Brown Hair is Boring – Says NO One Ever! Whether you’re looking for a subtle elegant hair colour, or one that is party-worthy, there is bound to be one (or more) brown hair colours that will fit right up your alley. Hair Trend Report 2022: Here are 15 best stunning brown hair colour ideas that will inspire you to get a new do.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Cold Brew Hair

This coffee-inspired hair colour is a must-try. It mimics the colour blend that occurs when you pour milk and ice into coffee

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Bronde

Brown + Blonde = Bronde. This colour blend typically combines both highlights and Balayage techniques – and has endless shades & ideas to choose from.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Ash Bronde Highlights

Ash Bronde Hair is the colour you're seeing all over Instagram today. This hair colour will continue trending in years to come.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Honey Brown Hair

Sun-kissed goddess – the perfect hair colour trend to go with a beach holiday. Honey Brown looks great on tan complexion.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Reddish Brown Hair

This reddish-brown hue is best worn on fair skin tone for a skin brightening effect.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Nude Brown Hair

This neutral – neither warm nor ash – hair colour complements all complexion without stealing the show.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Rose Brown Hair

Anything pink is always beautiful. So why not add a tint of pink to your brown hair? There you have it. Everyone’s favourite Rose Brown Hair.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Greige Hair

Gray + Beige = Greige. If you're a lover of the cool-toned hair colour movement, you’ll love this.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Chocolate Cake Hair

Craving for gooey, rich and delicious chocolate? So do we.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Milk Tea Brown

Guess our love affair with bubble tea isn’t dying any time soon? Milk Tea Brown is a recipe for brown and blonde. These two shades are mixed to create a neutral creamy colour. Definitely a go-to hair colour for influencers!

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Bambi Brown

You might have guessed it. This hair colour is inspired by a Disney classic character - Bambi, the young deer. Bambi Brown hair colour is a luminous shade that gives flat or lifeless dark hair a vibrant glow.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Mushroom Brown

Doesn’t this hair colour remind you of portobello mushrooms? Mushroom Brown is a multi-dimensional, semi-ashy hair colour, that gives off the same earthy-neutral brown with a tint of violet. Interesting, isn’t it?

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Lavender Brown

Who would have thought Lavender Brown will be a thing? This hair colour is giving us all the feels.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Tiramisu Brown

Gape at the Italian dessert and see how the colours are layered, from the sponge cake soaked in yummy-looking coffee and brandy to the creamy mascarpone cheese and the powdered chocolate - you can now imagine what tiramisu brown looks like.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Charcoal Brown

Charcoal Brown is a defiant look that incorporates all the ashy goodness we’ve ever wanted. Best matched with Falling Stars Highlights.

Brown Hair Colour Trend 2022: Subtle Chestnut Brown

If understated hair colours are to your liking, go with Chestnut Babylights. You will definitely like it.

Brown hair colours will always be a classic and they will never go out of trend. Which of these is your favourite brown hair shade?

Got idea for your new hair color? Check The Shampoo Lounge. The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our hair color galleries on our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in #tslhaircoloring


Article taken by Chezvous Hair

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