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20 Middle Part Hairstyles

Middle part hairstyles have been a staple for decades, starting in the 1920s, 1970s, and 1990s, and have made a comeback in a big way – thank you, Generation Z!

When you think of the classic middle part maybe you instantly think about Cher or Kurt Cobain. Maybe it even reminds you of Wednesday Addams from The Adam’s Family movies. Either way, it is the most versatile part because it makes it possible for all hair types, hairlines, and face shapes to have a confident look. The middle part, with the help of some styling and texture, will always give you more of a youthful glow. See these gorgeous ways to style your hair with a middle part for an ultimate proof.

How to Style a Middle Part

Whether you want to try a curtain fringe, get a sassy bob with a center part, or just style an updo with your hair parted in the middle – there is nothing you can’t achieve with a proper approach:

  • If a cowlick is your reservation, have no fear! Blow dry your hairline using some root lifter for grip on damp hair and direct your flat brush back and forth until the cowlick dissolves (that’s how you train your bangs‌ too). It will make it so you can have the sleek middle parting of your dreams!

  • Do you want to style the ultimate classic middle part look with smooth and sleek hair? I suggest my guests a flat wrap while blow drying, then using a combo of a styling paste with oil before and after flat ironing lightly.

  • For an updo, throw your hair up and leave out the center-parted framing layers or part hair on the crown and bring it back to the bun or the ponytail base. Be sure it will look lovely with your favorite dress and tennis shoes. The whole vibe in 2022 is pretty comfortable.

Ready to see some of the best middle part hairstyle ideas? Read on for the ultimate center part inspo and styling advice.

1. Middle Part Hairstyle for Thick Hair

After the blowout, create your center part, then apply your favorite heat protectant. Curl the hair using a wand or flat iron, let the hair cool completely, and finish off with a light-hold hairspray along with a texture spray to help keep a grip with the horizontal volume. Lightly tease the sides to ensure a long-lasting style all day.

2. Middle Part Bob

Once middle part hairstyles have become huge, a timeless bob has received its new trendy twist. Here is how to style your blunt bob for a natural and stylish look. After creating waves with a flat iron, cocktail a pomade with oil. Work it really well through your hands, then apply by starting at the ends and working your way up to the part. Gently smooth the part and work down around the face, especially if you have a money piece. Shake it up by moving side to side to give this a lived-in glow.

3. Center Parted Long Hair

Want to create sexy wavy hair like this with straight bra strap-length locks? After your hair is dry, create your center part, then use a large-barrel curling iron. Grab your large foam rollers and glide them up your hair to the ends, gently roll down to the scalp and secure with a clip. Let those stay for 10 minutes or until cool. Run your fingers through and apply a light hold texture spray.

4. Curly Hair with Middle Parting

Ask your stylist to give you face-framing layers to bring attention to your facial features and avoid too much weight through the mid-ends of your naturally curly hair. Make your middle part after washing your hair, then apply a curls cream and gel to style your curls. You might need to coil your locks around your finger or use a Denman brush to achieve nice curls to frame your face.

5. Trendy Hat Hairstyle

Hat hairstyles are the fun and showy way to style long hair and make perfect fall hairstyles. Have your hair completely styled and in place before adding a hat. Tilt the hat back slightly to ensure you can still see your middle part. This will create a laid-back style that still highlights your face shape.

6. Messy Bob with a Center Part

This blunt messy bob is both lovely and fashion-forward. When your hair is wet, use a flat brush with your blow dryer and a concentrator, along with some mousse or a root lifter. Moving slowly, work the hair back and forth covering your face until dry. This will remove any unwanted cowlicks and keep the look all day. Perfectly fit for an office and a night out!

7. Center Parted Afro

There are plenty of options to style middle part hairstyles for natural hair without getting it straight first – from center-parted box braids to sleek low buns. But why not part your big curly Afro, too? Use a tail comb and make a clean line from the top of the crown to the hairline. Use a paste to smooth any flyaways.

8. Wavy Hair with a Middle Part

This long, layered dark blonde hair with highlights looks super modern. Enhance your natural soft waves or curl your long tresses with a wand or a flat iron (remember to section your hair and start underneath, working up to the hairline). Use a tail comb and make your middle part before you finish curling. Let the curls cool, use a dry oil and run your fingers through to get a trendy messy finish.

9. Two Dutch Braids with Sleek Parting

Double Dutch braids are one of the best middle part hairstyles and scream hair fashion 2021. Make sure your parting is perfectly styled by using a pomade and shine spray to keep all the flyaways down. That will make a sleek and sophisticated look.

10. Bob with a Long Fringe

Step up a middle part hair with a precision-cut blunt bob and a long fringe to frame your oval face. By doing a flat wrap blowout, you will get the volume you need. Use a texturizing powder on dry hair to give you grip all day to maintain this fuller style and trick the eye to see more hair. Intricate achy lowlights look out of this world!

11. Middle Part Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

A gorgeous idea for medium-length hair with bangs, isn’t it? More so once curtain bangs are central to many modern middle part hairstyles. For a color application like this, it’s important to maintain the style by respecting the color pattern. Make sure you have your hair part the way you want to wear it before going for a look like this. Stronghold hair spray will work wonderfully to hold your style all day.

12. Half Up Half Down Middle Part Hairstyle

You can make a middle part look fancy by adding multiple layers to your style. Multiple ponytails, braids, twists, along with a creative styling of the edges is all you need to go from Sunday fun day to Friday night happy hour. A half up half down hairstyle like this is also a great way to feature your hair length while bringing the strands away from your face.

13. Middle Part for Long Face Shapes

Chances are you’re your own worst critic, but if pairing a center part with your long face makes you feel insecure, think of breaking the length of your hair with face-framing layers. Mid-length fringe will frame the face to your advantage. Teasing your hair right at the hairline so it covers up your forehead a bit and stays in place all day is another useful styling hack.

14. Short Hair Middle Part

The middle part is so versatile because it works with any length and style, short hairstyles being no exception! A bob haircut is a perfect way to incorporate a center part and can look different if you iron it pin-straight, add earrings or simply tuck one side behind your ear.

15. Glam Middle Part Look

Bring your soft waves to Hollywood simply by brushing out your long curled locks and adding a light hold shine spray. Add some hair jewelry to glam up your hairstyle even more and open up your beautiful facial features!

16. Ponytail with Mid Parting

Curtain fringe or center-parted front layers look super sassy with a ponytail or high bun hairstyles. First, section out the front two pieces of your hair and clip them away. Next, put the rest of your hair in a ponytail and secure it, then release the front two pieces. Take a tail comb and get your middle part perfect. Gently curl the front and the ponytail ends to make it more dressy. Finish the hairstyle off with a stronghold hairspray.

17. A Pixie Haircut with a Center Part

Can a pixie haircut have a middle part? Absolutely! It’s a perfect way to change up your entire look when you want to dress up from your everyday look. To get a necessary shape, use a hair gel, hold the sides down with hair clips and let it air dry in this position.

18. Middle Part Blonde Hairstyle

When it comes to vibrant blonde hair color, anything goes! Use a 1-inch curling iron for smaller, edgy waves while keeping the ends straight. Style your curtain fringe with a round brush, holding it at the top and directing hair away from your face. Use some texture spray and a volume powder to keep the style all day.

19. Curly Shag with a Mid Part

Would you like to hit the fashion and wear your curly shag with parted bangs? Use clips to hold down your bangs, air dry them, then apply oil to smooth and dry shampoo to keep them fresh all day! Parting hair down the middle is also a good way to grow out your bangs!

20. Middle Part Lob

Bob and long bob hairstyles seem to be the best cuts to style with a middle part. If you have face-framing layers, use your flat iron to gently curve them away from your face. Achieve some pieceiness with pomade and strong hold hair spray.

Plan to change your hair style?

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Article written by Stevi Zabawa for The Right Hairstyles


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