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Asian Women Love These Exotic Hair Styles in Seminyak

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Tired of your long hair? Here are some stylish short hair inspos to look fresh and chic

If you find the heat in your city unbearable, it may be time to swap out long tresses for a shorter ‘do. It may be difficult to part with your long locks especially if you have had them for years, besides cutting them off to beat the heat here, you’ll be surprised at the numerous benefits of going short.

Right off the bat your head will feel lighter without the heavy weight of your long longs. In addition, it will help to shave years off your face, how’s that for instant anti-ageing? Read on to be inspired by the wide short hair options you can choose from.

The wolf cut

A mix between a vintage shag and a slight mullet. One of the signature parts of this haircut is its volume and layers — lots of layers. Typically, a wolf haircut will offer shorter layers at the top of the head to enhance volume and texture with longer layers in the back, resulting in a disheveled, rock-star vibe.

A slicked-back bob

This is a great trick for those growing out their hair after cutting it a bit shorter than expected.

The step cut

If you prefer your short hair to look edgy, try a blunt step cut or step bangs as popularised by Japanese hair salons.

Ashy pink lob

Having short hair is already attention grabbing, but when you add a pop of colour, that’s when you really stand out. Take inspiration from Pony and go for a bold statement with your hairdo. Opt for either pink or violet for a more feminine touch, or you can go for blue to bring out your unique edge.

Effortless wet lob

If you’re looking for a short hairdo that’s easy to style for both formal and casual occasions, this is the look for you. Here, Go Joon-hee’s rocking the classic wet look that’s a runway hit.

To achieve this look, ask your stylist to do a simple cut straight across. That way you can easily pull off any look from a sleek wet look to a half ponytail to give your hair some structure.

Ombré lob

Dip dye was indeed all the rave back in 2015 and guess what, it’s back. But instead of the usual two-toned colours in long locks, the trend has shifted to attract those with shorter hair.

Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon is effortless pulling off an ash grey and blue combo that goes perfectly with her skintone. P.S. if the blue is boring you after a while, you can chop it off and dye it a brand new shade once your hair grows out.

Soft layered bob with fringe

Add layers to your hair to achieve a soft layered bob. If you have long fringe, consider cutting it short to further frame your face.

Long bob with straight fringe

Not a fan of hair trends? Here’s some good news; if Anna Wintour has worn this look throughout the span of her career, you know this look is a true classic.

The lob

For those that are afraid of going for the full chop, try this hairstyle otherwise know as the Lob. It is a cross between having long hair and a bob cut. The plus side of this hair cut is that you will be able to tie up your hair and grow out your hair in no time!

Soft bob

This soft bob is made by gentle layers in the hair. A good hairstylist will know how much to layer off your hair depending on your hair texture and thickness for a flattering hairstyle.

One-length bob with colour

For a unique touch, consider colouring your hair in two tones. Either have a lighter shade o the top half of your bob and another darker colour at the bottom or vice versa or you could try a ear loop dye job instead.

Layered long bob

This look focuses on the layers and the longer length of a classic bob.

Soft, short bob

For those who are bold, try this bob hairstyle that shows off the slender nape of your neck. This is a great look for those who want to bring attention to their eyes.

Layered pixie cut

For a edgier look, try this layered pixie cut that will give you the effortless cool girl vibe.

Soft layered pixie

For a more feminine touch, try this soft layered pixie. Did you know that celebrities like Katy Perry, Michelle Williams and even our local celebrity Sheila Sim is a fan of this look?

Layered concave pixie

To give your hair more volume, try this layered concave pixie look which is shorter in the back and longer in front. This helps to keep the hair off your neck especially when it is especially hot in the months of June and July.

Short bob with curls

Tighter curls will create a more voluminous look that can last longer than a short bob with looser curls. Before you subject your hair to the harsh curling chemicals, remember to care for your hair in these ways.

Long bob with curls

This hairstyle is a flattering one for all face shapes. The curls help to add volume on the crown of the head while the sides will help to accentuate your jaw line.

Curly lob

If you have naturally curly hair, lucky you. You won’t require a trip to the salon to curl your hair into tendrils. Simply add a texturizing spray or curl-enhancing product to emphasize your curls.

Dip-dye lob

If you love experimenting with different hair colours, this is a good look to try. Simpy dip-dye the ends of your hair and you can change up the colour as and when you like without needing to commit to a new head of colour. And when you’re tired of the colour, just snip off the dip-dye portion.

Lob with baby bangs

The baby bangs in this look is what makes this look stand out from the crowd. Mila Kunis showed off her lob and baby bangs at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards to the surprise of her fans, and is proof that both short bangs and the lob can be combined to create a chic style statement.

Balayage lob

This is the hair look that keeps coming back on the red carpets and on the streets of the fashion capitals of the world. With a myriad of hair colours to choose from; ash brown, chestnut and more, this hairstyle is low-maintenance and a celeb fave.

A version of this article was first published in The Singapore Women’s Weekly.

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By Arissa Ha, Seah Pei Jun & Nadine Chua for herworld


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