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3 Anti-Aging Hair Trends Women Over 40 Should Try

Navigating countless trendy hairstyles and products is hard enough already, so add on the effects of thinning and aging hair and it becomes another challenge.

We spoke to hair experts and dermatologists about three main hair trends and styles women over 40 can utilize to highlight their timeless beauty, and these are the top looks and products they recommend.

First off, what happens to your hair after 40?

Turning 40 is an incredible milestone, and this can be celebrated by prioritizing haircare. Many women at this age might notice their hair thinning, turning gray or showing other effects of natural aging and want to know what else to expect and how to style it. We reached out to Dr. Yoram Harth, M.D., board-certified dermatologist and medical director of MDhair for fast facts anyone over 40 should know about the ways their hair might change, and why.

Firstly, Harth says that one major change is that the hair follicles “spend less time in the active growth phase,” making the hair strands shorter and thinner.

Secondly, in women with a familial tendency to thin hair (androgenic hair loss), the hair becomes “less dense on the top of the head and the edges of the forehead, hairline, and temples.” Another change is that the hair starts to produce less melanin, leading to graying. Harth also notes that women’s decrease in estrogen and progesterone “reduces the scalp’s sebum production,” and the hair is drier and more fragile.

With all of that said, here are three hairstyles and trends that can create volume, highlight your timeless features and reflect a more youthful essence while still appearing mature and sophisticated.

3 Age-Defying, Trendy Hairstyles

We spoke with Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist about three fullproof hairstyles that are currently trending— and for good reason! These classic looks— at any length, hair type and color— can inspire you to embrace your ageless beauty with confidence.


Single-length haircuts can look sleek and classy, but Abdullah explains that they don’t create volume and movement quite like layers. Seen here on Jennifer Aniston, layered tresses are the best option for anyone over 40, as they highlight your best facial features. “Layers create volume, and it doesn't matter the length for it to look good on you in your forties,” says Abdullah. “Flat hair isn't flattering over forty because it doesn't attract positive attention to your beautiful locks or away from any signs of aging.” She adds that as long as your hair isn't very long, the layers can be “created to frame your face in a lovely way and keep your hair from being too flat.”

Curtain Bangs

Whether they’re part of an effortless French look like Brigitte Bardot or in a punky shag like Alexa Chung (above), curtain bangs truly never go out of style. The celeb-fave cut—no matter what decade it's worn in— is easily customizable. “Curtain bangs are always flirtatious, if you're looking to rejuvenate your look over forty,” Adullah says. She adds that curtain bangs have another benefit— they can volumize hair when worn down or its pieces can adorn the face when worn up. “You can wear the rest of your hair pulled up and a few wispy long bangs in the front to change up your style,” says Abdullah. The options are endless!

Sideswept Bangs

Another go-to style for anyone over 40 is side-swept bangs or styles made complete with a side part. It adds instant volume and has been popular from the Golden Age of Hollywood to now due to its versatility. “Having a deep side part really brings on the glamor, especially if you've had recent coloring added,” Adullah says. “The look is very youthful and fresh and will make people forget you're over forty, easily.” Seen here on Elizabeth Olsen, it's especially complimentary to those with round and oval-shaped faces.

Essential Products for Aging Hair

As Harth says, the key to longer, thicker, and shinier hair is a “healthier scalp that will grow healthier hair.” He adds that people over 40 should use sulfate-free shampoos with FO-TI plant-based ingredients that can help reduce premature hair graying.

Harth advises that seeing a dermatologist about collagen supplements, scalp treatment serums and minoxidil could help find what works best for you.

Dr. Jae Pak, M.D., hair restoration expert and engineer, gave us other helpful product ingredient information. “To get ahead of female-patterned hair loss after forty, I always recommend massaging oils infused with biotin and lavender onto the scalp,” says Park.

Park notes that fifteen-minute hair masks containing nourishing ingredients — like coconut oil, avocados, bananas, apple cider vinegar and honey— can also be helpful for “maintaining hair thickness and shine.”

The key to great hair overall is a combination of diet, style, products and personalized advice from your doctor. This remains true long after you hit the big 4-0! Ok, so ready for a new hair trend? The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our instagram, our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in.

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