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5 Face-Framing Haircuts That Make Woman Over 40 Look 10 Years Younger, According To Stylists

A good haircut has the capacity to transform your entire face. As you grow older, it’s especially important to choose a flattering style that will compliment your features and enhance your youthful appearance without drawing the eye to natural signs of aging. A soft, face-framing cut is great for achieving this effect as it brings attention to the high points of the face, emphasizing just the right areas to make you appear younger.

To learn more about face-framing haircuts, we spoke with George Papanikolas, a Matrix brand ambassador, Saffron Carpenter, CEO of Scissor Tech UK, and Krysta Biancone, co-founder of Amari Salon & Spa and hair stylist at Hair by Krysta. If you’re due for a trip to the salon, these are the best, expert-approved face-framing cuts to ask for which will instantly shave years off of your appearance.

Soft Side Swept Bangs

While blunt bangs should be avoided if the goal is to make you appear younger, soft side swept bangs that frame your face are one of the best looks to minimize signs of aging. Papanikolas explains, "Facial features get more pronounced, and often severe with age. Side-swept bangs will help prevent the hair from falling flat and soften angular features. Parting the hair at the highest point of your eyebrow arch will help accentuate your eyes and tends to be more youthful."

Long Face Framing Layers

For a less dramatic look without the commitment to bangs, longer layers can have a similar effect to draw the eye past signs of aging. Papanikolas says, "Longer face-framing layers give you more styling options, and can help elongate a rounded face and soften features. Wavy styles give your hair softness and movement."

Arched Bangs

If you do enjoy the look of a blunt bang and want to make it more flattering and youthful, an arched bang will be the style for you because it blends into the rest of your hair and does not appear harsh. "This type of fringe is cut in the shape of an arch with the shortest lengths skimming your eyebrows, and the longest layers curving around the edges of your jaw. The result is a beautiful flattering frame of your face. These are also perfect if you're worried about forehead wrinkles," says Papanikolas.

Layered Lob

The layered lob is a stylish and low-maintenance cut. It hits around the shoulders or collarbone area and has soft layers throughout that will draw the eye toward the motion of your hair, rather than the appearance of wrinkles. So, the lob provides length–but not too much length. "Add in a curtain fringe to help soften the style and avoid heaviness for thick hair and add movement and volume for thinner hair," Biancone raves. "The layers allow the hair to lay more flattering with natural texture and the curtain fringe helps accentuate your features. You can part down the middle for a more clean look or part on the side for a fun, youthful style." Adding highlights to your lob can also be a great way to add dimension to your hair. That way, you can look more lively with minimal effort!

The Bob

A bob haircut like the stunning one sported by Beyonce, is timeless and versatile, Carpenter says. “This haircut can be customized to flatter all face shapes and hair types,” Carpenter continues. “It can be cut at chin length or slightly longer, with layers added for volume. For round and heart-shaped faces, a longer bob that ends around the collarbone can help elongate the face. For square and oval faces, a chin-length bob can highlight the cheekbones.”

Adding face-framing layers to your bob is another way to up the style on this modern classic.

Finding the perfect haircut for your personality is hard enough as it is, but choosing one that will compliment your best features and add youth to your appearance is another story. When in doubt, a face-framing hairstyle is your best bet to soften your features and infuse your locks with natural movement so that you can look effortless and sleek at any age.

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