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6 Hairstyle Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

Finding a woman who is content with the way she looks is perhaps only possible in work of fiction. Real women, on the other hand, are always on the hunt for ways to look more beautiful and younger. We are forever ready to burn holes in our pockets to do everything that would reverse the aging process for us. Be it paying astronomical amounts for losing weight at the slimming centre or finally going under the knife, the fetish to look youthful is never ending!

Despite paying a bomb on expensive treatments, we tend to ignore the simple yet important aspects of beauty that could instantly light up our looks. These simple steps wouldn’t hurt us even half as much, yet they could make phenomenal changes to one’s looks. You would be surprised to know how a simple yet often overlooked thing called a ‘good hairstyle’ could do wonders!

Read on to know more about how the way you do your hair can make you look younger. Also, it would be great to know these six common hairstyle mistakes to steer clear of!

1. Short Tresses

I am sure your eyes would have rolled up in utter disbelief that short hair could be the reason for you to look older than you are! However, too short hair that doesn’t go well with your personality or face cut is a complete no-no. If aging is leading to thinning of your tresses, it’s about time to cut them short. But before you let your locks vanish, make sure to choose a hairstyle that wouldn’t look too short and has ample layers and depth.

2. Long Hair Without Layers Or Bounce

Seriously? We always had the impression that the youthful and fresh looks of our favourite Bollywood divas were all thanks to their flowing tresses! And long hair is undeniably gorgeous to look at; however, if you still wear that middle parting or if your hairstyle is devoid of layers and bounce, you might end up attracting a lot of attention to those signs of aging on your face. You sure don’t want people to look at those lines, right?

3. Saying No To Lighter Tones

Greying has become so rampant (thanks to all the stress around us) that hair colouring is almost inevitable for women now, even those in their 20s! Most Indian women are blessed with jet black hair, and they tend to choose a colour that is close or the same as their hair before greying takes a toll. But hair experts have found that colouring one’s hair in dark shades is a huge mistake, as that only draws more attention to those fine lines on your face. Opting for a lighter tone is a smarter thing to do, as that surely softens the age from your face.

4. Giving The ‘Contrast’ A Total Miss

A lighter hair colour can surely make one look more youthful, but if you choose too light a colour, I am afraid that you might just end up losing the plot. A very light hair colour is not a great idea, as there wouldn’t be an obvious difference between the colour of your skin and that of your hair. Hence, picking up the right contrast that accentuates your looks is highly recommended.

5. Sporting The ‘Salt And Pepper’ Look

If you are still sporting those greys, and are yet looking for ways to take years off from your face, then I am sorry, but this is a futile attempt to make. While that salt and pepper look gives you a more matured and experienced look, it certainly doesn’t help you look any younger. Make sure you head straight to the salon and pick the right hair colour NOW!

6. Refusing To Change

It is often said that “change is inevitable.” How boring it would be to do the same thing every day, eat the same type of food every day, and even worse, look the same every day! Saying no to change is the surest way to drown one’s life in misery and mundaneness. So, if you have been sporting the same look for a year or more, it is time to embrace change. Seek a good hairstylist and see how the magic wand (read: scissors) do the magic for you. The key to staying young is by constantly trying to improve oneself; hence, make sure the winds of change touch your hair first!

In our continuous quest to look like our younger selves, we often end up wasting a lot of our time, energy, and money! But before you slather those age reversing creams on your precious visage, ponder for a while to see if there are simpler ways to look younger.

While working out regularly and eating right has great benefits that go skin deep, a simple change in the way you dress those tresses can be hugely beneficial too. So, if there is a high school reunion around the corner, make sure a trip to the hairdresser is high on your priority!

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article written by by Chandrama Deshmukh for stylecraze

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