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6 Lob Haircuts For The Perfect In-Between Length

You know that phase where you're growing out your hair and it gets too long for a bob but is too short for any other hairstyles? Or when you're trying to get a face-framing haircut but are afraid of cutting any inches more than necessary? The answer to this might be getting a lob haircut. A lob, or long bob, is a haircut where your hair ends anywhere between your chin and your shoulders or collarbones. they are different from bobs, which are shorter and end between your ears and chin

There are very few hairstyles as versatile as the lob. Because they end around the collarbone area, they allow a lot more hair movement and can be styled in so many different ways by adding colors, highlights, layers, and even angles. Also, Viviscal Advanced Hair Health says the versatility of lobs makes them great for every face shape and hair type, so there's plenty of room for everyone with this haircut. For some inspo to take to your hairstylist, here are six long bob haircuts that are perfect for your hair's awkward shoulder-length phase.

The fringe lob

A favorite among celebrities like Taylor Swift and Tiffany Haddish, the fringe lob is a combination of a long bob and a face-framing fringe. Fringe lobs can be wavy with the lob curled loosely to add more volume, or you can wear it with straightened hair. Your fringe can also be choppy or full to suit your face shape and give more character to your haircut, per All Things Hair. Whatever your choice, there's a variation of the fringe lob perfect for you.

Slicked-back lob

Face-framing haircuts are great but a slicked-back hairstyle always gets the show on. Celebrities like Demi Lovato and Scarlett Johansson have rocked multiple red carpets wearing this lob haircut. Slicked-back lobs are great for when you do not have the time or energy to worry about framing your lob into some bangs or a fringe. Just your holding gel, a good brush, and some hairspray, and your lob's ready to shine. You can also incorporate blunt ends into your slicked-back lob for a more dramatic look, per Hairstyle Camp.

Beachy wave lob

Lobs can be effortless, too. The beachy lob is great for that tousled, I-woke-up-like-this look and is a perfect haircut for the summer (via L'Oréal Professionnel). The loose waves here can be messy and layered, can contain highlights for a balayage or ombré effect, or can be dyed into neon colors for some pop nostalgia.

Lob with curtain bangs

That's right: curtain bangs aren't only for long hair. They're great for lobs too. As MyGlamm confirms, the contrast in length between the curtain bangs and the rest of the lob is great for adding structure to your face. For this style, you can incorporate anything from highlights to blunt ends like in the slicked-back lob.

Angled lob

An angled lob is shortest at the back but gradually becomes longer in the parts close to the chin, and you can style this on all hair types, from curly to straight hair, per Latest Hairstyles. From adding voluminous waves to keeping it sleek, angled lobs are great for adding definition and edge to your look

Layered lob

Layers are great on all hairstyles and a lob is a perfect occasion to add lots of them. Your layers can be choppy, loose, shaggy, or smooth. According to Hair Adviser, a layered lob is perfect if you have thinner hair as it adds more volume and definition to your hair. So, have fun with it by adding highlights, feathering out your layers, or getting some bangs to go along with it.

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