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8 Ways to Rock Green Hair Color

These days, the boundaries for hairstyle ideas are being pushed more and more, especially with color. Color experimentation is at its peak, and crayon shades are becoming as common as classic hair colors like brown and blonde. Among other rainbow hues, green hair is having a moment.

The green hair color is full of intricate shades – from toxic neon green to dark forest green and pastel mint hues. Intrigued to see them all? Check out these 8 green-infused hairstyles that will have you running to the salon!

Best Green Hair Color Ideas

Green highlights on a natural-color base, vivid green ombre, or all-over green hair dye? Here, you’ll find inspiration for all the best greens and complementing colors used in hair to create a fresh new hairstyle!

#1: Beautifully Braided Mermaid Hair

Nothing shows off deep blue and green hair colors like an intricately braided mane. Crown your jade mane with six braids that meet somewhere at the back of your head and cascade down in a lovely fishtail plait. You will definitely be turning heads with this mermaid hairstyle!

#2: Pick A Boo Forest Green Color

For a darker shade close to this, try the Manic Panic Green Envy semi-permanent hair color. If you’re not ready for full-blown green, go halfers and throw some color on the bottom half of your head. When your hair is worn completely down, it will expose only peeks of color, but you will always be able to show off your dyed green hair color in a half up half down hairstyle.

#3: Electric Green and Blue Tones

A bright green shade that seamlessly transitions into darker navy blue is pure art! Complemented with 90s butterfly clips, this hairstyle is both edgy and fashion-forward. Mind that you definitely should start with light blonde or bleached hair to get bright green tones like this one.

#4: Green Money Pieces

E-girl hair color is huge now and getting some subtle forest green money pieces is a great way to tap into the trend. The benefit is that your semi-permanent green doesn’t need much upkeep and will fade to light bleach blonde bangs, which is central to the style anyway.

#5: 50 Shades of Green

If you’re gonna go green, go big and try on multiple shades. Splash your hair with forest green, emerald and bright lime colors, and you’ll have a look that is full of life and dimension … just like you.

#6: Stripes of Color

Can’t commit to a full head of green hair? Start small but sassy with a stripe of vivid colors. This will show off your daring side while still keeping you in the safe zone. It’s a great transition to full-blown color.

#7: Jewel-Toned Bob

Shine bright like a diamond, er, emerald. Take a page from your favorite jewel and dye your hair a lovely emerald green shade. Not only is this shade bold, but its deep hue also has regal sophistication that will suit you perfectly.

#8: Neon Green Hair Fade

This electric, neon green dye verges on a yellow shade that is all the fashion now. Be sure to find a professional colorist for the color job and wash your hair with color-safe shampoo to give your tresses a few weeks of luscious beauty.

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