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8 Winter Hair Color Trends That Everyone Will Be Asking For

As Coco Chanel once said: “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.”

This rings especially at the start of the winter season, when the chilly weather and ultra-short days often call for a major visual change that can perform double duty as a serious pick-me-up. In other words? Winter 2024’s motto is “new hair, new you.”

A-listers have already gotten the itch to switch up their hair color, with the former dark brunette Dua Lipa opting for a sultry, deep red hue just in time for a new music era. The “Dance The Night” artist happens to be right on trend, as her new “cherry Coke” shade is a major trend to watch for winter 2024.

Winter’s Coolest Colors Alongside wearable (yet distinct) shades of brunette, blonde, and auburn, professional hair colorists in the industry tell Bustle that one unexpected color in particular might just be on the rise — although generally, the vibes are all about adding warmth to your hair. In need of some inspiration before you book your next salon appointment? Below, find eight expert-approved winter hair colors that are set to be trending for 2024, as forecasted by industry experts Rita Hazan, Carly Zanoni, Kat Collett, and Nick Stenson.

1 Cowgirl Copper

ICYWW, “cowgirl copper” is essentially a buzzy way of describing dark copper hair hues with lived-in dimension — and Zanoni, a colorist and Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador, tells Bustle that it’s sure to be a wintertime staple. “Copper came back in a big way this season [and] deeper, more auburn-esque copper will be super trendy.”

2 Hot Chocolate Brunette

With chocolate manicures and cocoa-scented perfumes very much on trend, it makes sense that the chocolate obsession would extend to hair color trends. Hazan, a celebrity colorist who famously works with Beyoncé, predicts that rich chocolate browns with subtle sun-kissed highlights will be popular this winter. Zanoni agrees, adding: “I expect people to be asking for natural looking dimensions.”

3 Out-There Icy Blue Prefer a more unexpected hair color? Collett, a colorist and Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador, has the perfect winter-approved suggestion. “I think icy blue is going to have a moment and I’m 500% here for it,” she tells Bustle.

4 Buttercream Blonde “Blonde is always popular, no matter the season,” Zanoni says. “But I predict that we will see way more warmth in blondes.” Hazan adds that warm, buttery blondes with lots of natural contrast will be the move for winter.


Espresso Girl Winter

For those who want to embrace their dark feminine side, deeper shades are the move, and Collett expects to see more of this come winter: “I think the brunette that will reign this winter season would be the deep espresso tones that keep coming in strong.”


Sun-Lit Caramel Balayage

“This season, my favorite hair color [is] caramel balayage,” says Nick Stenson, an artistic director at Matrix. “If you’re looking to add some dimension and brightness to your brunette or create depth for blondes, a caramel balayage creates a beautiful sun-kissed effect.”


“Cherry Coke” Brown

While stars like Megan Fox have recently dyed their hair a vibrant cherry red, consider coloring yours a darker shade of reddish brunette for winter 2024.

“The hair color I think that will be major for the upcoming winter season is cherry cola brown,” Collett says.

Dua Lipa and Dove Cameron are two celebrities who are very much on the “cherry coke” train this season.


Bright Winter Blonde

Still feeling those Barbiecore blonde vibes that all but defined summer? Hazan is here for it, telling Bustle: “You don't have to go dark just because it's winter — stay bright blonde.”

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