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Are you a HairStylist or Salon owner looking to increase your revenue by offering a Hair Extensions

At Hair Shop we coach Stylists who are interested in brushing up their techniques or beginners who are looking into offering this service to their existing clients. Our Classes are usually one-on-one with a full day [10am to 6pm] focusing on one method such as Fusion bonds, Tape-ins and Wefts. Here is an example of what we teach for Keratin fusion bonds at Hair Shop.

Fusion bond hair extensions are a popular method of adding length and volume to natural hair. Here is an example of step-by-step guide that we offer to teach stylists how to install fusion bond hair extensions:

Safety and tools:

Before beginning, it is important to review the safety guidelines and proper use of tools. Explain the importance of protecting the client's natural hair and scalp from heat damage, and the proper use of a hair extension pliers and a heat connector.

Hair preparation:

Teach the stylists how to properly prepare the client's hair for fusion bonding. This includes washing and drying the hair, as well as sectioning it into small, manageable sections. Explain the importance of ensuring that the hair is free of any oils, products, or tangles before beginning the extension process.

Fusion bonding:

Demonstrate the steps of fusion bonding, including attaching the fusion bonds to small sections of the client's hair, using the heat connector to activate the bonds, and blending the extensions into the natural hair. Explain how to determine the correct amount of hair to add in each section, and how to place the bonds so they are evenly distributed and not too close to the scalp.


To help the stylists gain hands-on experience, provide opportunities for them to practice on mannequin heads or models. Encourage them to ask questions and make mistakes, so they can learn from their experiences and receive feedback and corrections.

Post-installation care: Discuss post-installation care, including maintenance and removal of the extensions. Explain how to care for the extensions to keep them looking natural and healthy, as well as how to safely remove the bonds when it is time for a new set to be installed.

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Continued education:

Encourage the stylists to continue their education and stay up-to-date with new techniques and products in the hair extension industry. Provide resources for them to learn and grow, such as workshops, classes, and trade magazines.

We provide these hands-on experience and ongoing education, so our students can master the fusion bond hair extension method and provide excellent results for their clients.

More info about hair extensions training? Contact HairShop and schedule your training soon!

HairShop at jl Nakula 7 Pemecutan Klod, Denpasar

Chat us to book your session: +62 813-3896-6331

Article written by Shierley Koval

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