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Balayage for bobs? Yes you CAN

Balayage instantly adds depth and dimension to short hair – here's how to style it

Balayage is one of the longest-standing hair colour trends in modern times, and it's yet to be knocked off its throne by another in terms of popularity. However, balayage is so often associated with length; search for 'balayage hair' on Google Images for example, and you'll be bombarded with super long, luscious hair. Great if you have it, but what if you don't?!

What about those sporting super cool choppy bobs, lobs, modern mullets and everything in-between? Can shorter hair really pull off balayage and is it er, even possible to use the technique if you're not rocking Rapunzel-style lengths?

The answer is a resounding yes; in fact, this is a colour technique that can work on anyone, as it's super personalised and different every time.

Before we get into how exactly to style shorter balayage styles, let's remind ourselves what the approach to colouring hair actually involves.

"Balayage is a softened, sun kissed, low maintenance colour treatment, and is our go-to colour recommendation for anyone who is time-sensitive and looking for something fuss-free and long-lasting," explains HARI's Creative Colourist, Francesca Dixon.

"The word balayage is French, and means to 'sweep' or to 'paint,' which is the literal approach to the technique used," she continues. "The balayage technique involves hand-painting hair in a sweeping motion with a brush, which in turn creates a sun-kissed, natural colour that once grown out leaves a softer, blended and less noticeable regrowth line!"

Dixon explains that contrary to what you may think, there are so many different types of balayage, from all-over 3D balayage to face-framing balayage, high roots balayage, and tips balayage. This means there is an approach for every hair length, including shorter locks.

"Balayage is definitely a universal colour, meaning it looks great on long and short hair! The same end result with balayage on long hair can be created on short hair, but you have to think about how it sits," she says. "It might be worth doing some ombré pieces so it’s more obvious, as shorter hair can have less fluidity or movement throughout."

In terms of which colours you should opt for, Dixon says it depends on the effect you'd like to finish with: "Bright blonde pieces work well on a light base, whereas caramel tones work well on dark brunettes to warm up those undertones and all over colour."

The only shorter styles she recommends sticking to an all-over colour is really short pixie cuts or buzzcuts.

Now you know it's possible, why not browse our selection of cute balayage for short hair ideas to pick out your fave?!

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article written by Rebecca Fearn for Glamour

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