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Dragon Braids Are Having A Moment - Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Looks

Dragon braids are named after the way they mimic the appearance of the scales that typically line the spine of a dragon. If you've never heard of a dragon braid and love the look, don't worry. It's actually not super difficult to achieve. The technique is based on the well-known and rather basic method known as Dutch braiding. This is what takes place when you braid three strands over each other rather than under. The result is a braid that sits prominently on top of the hair.

Realistically, dragon braids are simply Dutch braids that have been pancaked — or carefully pulled and loosened — to create a large, ultra-voluminous effect. Dragon braids are often embellished with brightly colored hair extensions, gems, and decorative gold or silver hair cuffs. If you're looking for a way to liven up your basic braids, now is the time to give dragon braids a try. We've assembled a curated list of gorgeous dragon braids for inspiration. 

Emerald City braids

If you're up for braids that look as regal and intimidating as a dragon itself, braids in a deep emerald shade might be for you. In this example, two giant dragon braids branch off into handfuls of varying styles and sizes of braids. Gold cuffs and charms play especially well with emerald green braids. However, you could easily keep it basic as well.

Delicate gold tones

For those who can't get enough gold, consider delicate dragon braids that cascade through golden blond hair adorned with ornate gold cuffs. Are you not willing to go blond just for a dragon braid moment? No problem. You can simply opt for blond extensions for a short-term shadow root look.

Pixie dust

ragon braids are all about going over the top with colors, textures, and hair accessories. If gold cuffs just don't feel like quite enough, consider adding golden glitter or flakes to your braids. After all, applying sparkles to the root near your part gives them the most opportunity to shine and dazzle. 

Fiery dragon flames

One of the first images that comes to mind when you imagine a dragon is a blast of fire. You can mimic that fiery look with extensions applied in a gradient fashion that resembles a flame by blending a deep red into shades of orange, yellow, and white. 

Subtle chocolate brown

You can absolutely pull off dragon braids without super bright colors or flashy embellishments. In fact, you can simply add a few extensions in a complementary tone — like a deep red on a dark brunette base — for a more subtle look that still wows with its volume and sass. 

Bright neons

Are you looking to go all out? If dragon braids sound perfect for your costume, special event, or just a Wednesday night, try mixing neon extensions until you achieve the massive, fluorescent color palette of your dreams. There is no limit to the ways in which you can express yourself through this fun and simple hairstyle.

Braided hairstyles are something everyone has to try.

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