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Experts Agree: This Is The Least Attractive Haircut For Women Over 40

As we get older, it’s crucial to find hairstyles that help us look and feel our best. While there are certain haircuts that enhance your facial features and can even help you look years younger, there are also styles that may highlight features you want to hide as you get older. To learn more about the least attractive haircut for women over 40, we spoke with Bob Siebert, Director of Education at ALOXXI, Gina Rivera, a celebrity hairstylist and founder of Phenix Salon Suites, and Janine Jarman, a celebrity stylist and founder of Curl Cult. They agree that it’s so important to take your hair texture, face shape, and style into account and to avoid haircuts that don’t move. Read on to learn more!

1. Consider Your Style And Face Shape

Although Siebert points out that there is no singular cut that should be avoided at any age, he does emphasize that it's important to consider your hair texture and face features like shape when choosing a new haircut.

"As aging and the aging of hair is very individual, this needs to be taken into consideration when looking at appropriate haircuts," Siebert says.

"It all depends on the texture, color desire, and volume of the individual’s natural hair." A cut that is flattering on curly hair may be unattractive on people with straight hair.

"A haircut that is unflattering is generally a shape and/or length that is not appropriate to the face shape or hair texture," Siebert warns.

"Each individual will want to accentuate or hide something different with their haircut." Knowing the features you wish to highlight and those you wish to hide are therefore crucial for determining the best cut for your face.

One major feature that many women try to hide as they get older are forehead wrinkles. Haircuts with layers that frame that area may not be best, so it's important to keep these things in mind. "A haircut really needs to be tailored towards the individual client's face shape, hair texture, and their ability and desire to style their hair," Siebert notes.

At the same time, confidence is key so it's best to carefully choose a haircut that complements your personality and style. "Strong geometric and asymmetrical would be reserved for the women with strong and vivacious personalities," Siebert explains. "These types of cuts can really make a statement on the right person." He also suggests that people with fine or average hair texture stick to a bob or lob look to add more volume to your locks. Siebert says that this cut can also help enhance the shape of your hair.

2. Avoid Haircuts That Don't Move

Experts also agree that haircuts that bounces and moves with the wind is always current and in style. This haircut style can also be particularly flattering and anti-aging for women over 40.

"You want to have body and volume to some degree so it looks great in different climate situations and is adaptable," Jarman says.

That's why experts agree it’s best to avoid haircuts that lay flat and don't move.

If your hair isn't naturally wavy or have a lot of movement, we recommend experimenting with hair tools that can add volume or layers.

"Adding curl or using your natural curl can bring volume to a hairstyle that can also contribute to a person’s youthful appearance," Rivera adds. "An ideal length as we age is nothing longer than the collar bone because it allows for the hair to be styled in trendy, hip, looks which emulate youthfulness. Likewise, collar length hair is perfect for experimentation with different styles and accessories."


The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, even though it would be great if there was a one-size-fits-all answer for which haircuts to avoid as we grow older, you can't go wrong with analyzing your features, style, and hair texture to get a haircut that flatters you. And, it's also important to avoid haircuts that do not flatter anyone like unmoving cuts. Of course, even these suggestions won't apply to everyone. If you're lost, it's always a good idea to ask your stylist for any of their tips!

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