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Hair Care After A Work Made Easy

Working out is a mood and spirit lifter. But what it often doesn't lift is our hair.

Yeah, the problem is our tresses can end up looking greasy, flat, or worse.

The endorphins may be putting you in a good mood. That is until you see your hair. Awwkk!

Meaning sometimes you may have skipped the endorphin rush to get another day out of your last shampooing. Or you may have big plans for after work and can't risk walking in looking like a grease ball.

We've all been there.

But you dont have to let your hair get in the way of working out. There are proven post gym hair hacks that will bring your locks back to ilfe after you do. Or keep your style from a near death experience in first place

What to do with sweaty hair after a workout?

It starts with knowing how to dry sweaty hair after your workout.

It's best to dry sweaty hair right away. Start with patting it with a microfiber towel to absorb as much moisture as you can. Then use a blow dryer on the cool setting and max power to blast the sweat away from the roots.

Trust me, a few minutes spent with your hair dryer can be a style saver. So consider this a must do as it can help dry out the roots and your scalp quickly.

Some find it best to concentrate the air blast on their hairline or the nape of the neck. The goal being to being avoid leaving behind any excess moistness that an turn things frizzy in a hot minute.

The good news is even a mini dryer stashed in your workout bag can work wonders when it comes to drying things up.

It also helps to have at least a comb if not a round brush handy to salvage hair teetering on a hot mess.

Again the dryer settings of choice to completely transform your post workout tresses? Cool obviously as any heat would be counterproductive with the power button set to the max.

This way even if you tend to get more than a little sweaty this hack will help keep you looking none the worse for your gym time.

Oh and for those who may feel blow drying hair in this state sounds kinda nasty think of it this way. Look at sweat as Nature's salt spray.

How to protect hair from sweat during exercise?

First, think elevated hairstyles like a bun or tightly twisted top knot. Second use a sweat wicking headband that soaks it up so your hair doesn't. Finally use dry shampoo before working out to help absorb excess moisture before it drenches your hair.

Okay so most agree that the big idea is to keep the sweat away from your hair as much as possible. As was just pointed out there are three common ways to do that:

1. Buns and Elevated Hairstyles

2. Sweat Absobing Headbands

3. Dry Shampoo

Buns and Elevated Hairstyles

Who hasn't had to pause the treadmill to swipe strands out of their eyes or give that low pony a tightening tug?

Or scrambled to rescue hair that was bathed in sweat during a cardio routine.


Now the ideal way to keep your ends out of harm's way is to put your hair into a top know or bun.

This will keep them from clinging to your sweaty back or shoulders as they might were you to wear your hair down. Which also keeps them from getting all snarly for doing so.

With a twisted knot the tricks is to twist it tightly enough and then use bobby pins to secure it. You want it to be more or less immovable. Like a little button "Bun of Steel" if you would.

Then here's another way to do it. It's not glamorous, elegant or especially cute but it is effective. Put you hair up and out of the way on top of your head.

Okay so getting your hair on top of your head keeps it off your scalp for one. That way you don't have hair laying on top of hair. Knowing that only traps the heat and incrases the sweat factor.

You basically want to grab the top half of your hair, bun it up loosely and sevure it with a soft hair tie.

The key here is loosely. Or not so tightly tied up it sticks to your head and sucks up the sweat as you're cycling your heart out.

This is super simple way to keep your locks from getting super sweaty.. Then too this move over-directs the hair on top of your hair which always helps to keep things more voluminous.

And if you have bangs? Best pin them back and off your face for your workout session. Then, there's headbands

Benefits of Sweat Absorbing Headbands

The good news is anymore you dont have to look like a refugee from an early Jane Fonda workout video. Sure, these may not be your idea of gym glam. But a sweat-absorbent terrycloth headband can sop up droplets of hairline sweat like there's no tomorrow.

Such sweatbands can also cut down on baby hairs gone wild. Plus work to keep your hair in front looking its freshest. Not to mention they can also keep the hair outta your face.

One more aded benefit is bands will also absorb moisture form that other sweaty hot spot - the nape of your neck.

Just make the right choice. Yeah thin may be less noticeable, but thick and soft will do a better job. All without any annoying dents the thin tight ones can leave behind that take a shower to banish.

Now the best ones wick away the moisture, dry fast, and resist odor. Also they're stretchy enough so it doesn't feel feel like you're wearing a tourniquet. For best result you want it positioned right at the start of your hairline to prevent root soaking. So if you're wondering "should i wear a headband at the gym?" the answer is absolutely!

Finally let's talk dry shampo.

Dry Shampoo

It's shouldn't be a surprise dry shampoo is seen as a super hero among workout addicts.

Not for wet hair, it should be applied before breaking out in a sweat. That way it will be on the job when needed. You know to help absorb the excess moisture before it gets to your hair.

How you apply it is probably more important the specific product you use. Think roots not ends. And if you're wondering doesn't dry shampoo damage your hair you might want to check out our deep dive into that very subject.

You also want something light. That way in two or three days' time you don't feel like you have an entire can of dry shampoo in your hair.

Some report a powder can often let you target where the product goes better than a spray. Not to mention powders dont have alcohol, butane or propane in them sprays do. Although those with darker strands many finds powder harder to work in without any weird, telltale residue.

Now for sure you want to concentrate application on your part. For better coverage do 3 parts around the crown of your hair. Then work the products in with your fingers.

Oh and if dry shampoo is going to put in regular appearance then so should clarifying products. That way you can head off build up at the pass.

How often depends on your hair. For some it might be every week. Others can go 2 weeks. But it is certainly something that decerves a place in your hair cleansing routine if you're going to use dry shampoo regularly.

One more tip: think about trying this wonderful invention - microfiber towel scrunchies. They can give your bun or high pony tail sweat absorption super powers. Okay maybe not superpowers but every little bit helps, right?

Certainly no one can guarantee no more sweaty gym hair. But using ideas like these it's quite possible to have post workout hair that looks as good, or in some cases better, than right after washing.

Article written by Tori for terrifictresses

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