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How To Choose The Right Curtain Bangs For Your Face Shape

Ready to rock a post-pandemic haircut? If you’re undecided on a chop, we propose some stylish curtain bangs! The trendy ’60s and ’70s inspired face-framing fringe parts down the middle to create a soft curtain effect across the forehead.

But before you step out and debut this look, you’ll need to choose the right curtain bangs for your face shape. Luckily, this ultra-chic, low-maintenance retro hairstyle can look great on every face shape; it’s just a matter of how you choose to style them.

Curtain bangs may seem like an iffy idea for rounder faces, because we imagine straight full bangs that often give rounder faces a fuller appearance. But rest assured, because when styled correctly, curtain bangs on round faces can be incredibly flattering. A simple side sweep can actually elongating and frame the face. However, we recommend choosing a style that’s wispy, shorter, textured and angular.

Adding a super sultry curtain swept bang to your heart-shaped face can draw attention away from the forehead, supporting a more balanced appearance. When sporting curtain bangs on a heart-shaped face, opt for a center part that’s smooth and swept. Try to avoid a face-framing fringe that is short and blunt, which would emphasize your forehead and chin.

If you have a strong jawline and high cheekbones, you may have a square face shape. We love how long retro-inspired curtain bangs soften and even out angled features on square-shaped faces. If you want to rock this look, opt for soft draped curtain bangs that hit just below the brow. Avoid shorter cuts and blunt edges, which create unwanted boxy effects.

If you would describe your face as elongated and oval-shaped, you more than likely have an oblong face. In that case, you’re the perfect candidate for curtain bangs, as they can make your face appear shorter, especially the forehead. Additionally, soft curtain bangs pushed to the sides keep it effortlessly chic and make the face appear more oval.

The widest part of a diamond shaped face tends to fall around the cheekbones and the eyes, causing the cheekbones to appear fuller, the hairline more narrow and the chin thinner. It’s easy to see why the curtain bang is a perfect fit for the diamond shaped faced gal, creating the illusion of width to match the fuller cheekbones. Curtain bangs, especially short and heavily textured, will offer an effortlessly balanced silhouette.

Another face shape that works stunningly well with the popular curtain bangs is the inverted triangle. The trick to rocking curtain bangs on an inverted triangle shape is to create an illusion of width at the bottom of the face while creating balance and fullness around the forehead. Opt for curtain bangs with a choppy center split, which will balance out the lower and upper parts of the face.

Don’t be caught unpre-peared when it comes time to styling your curtain bangs if you’re someone with a pear shaped face.

Those with pear-shaped faces should opt for side-parted curtain bangs that remain long enough to travel past the jaw. Individuals with curly hair and a pear-shaped face should avoid curtain bangs as the curls will create extra width. Same goes for center-parted curtain bangs, especially if they are cut too short. This is because they will give the face an even more triangular look that doesn’t “pear” well with a pear-shaped face. So simply style them more to the sides and you’re set!

If you have an oval face shape, the options are endless. You’ve been blessed with perfect balance when it comes to width and length, which helps pull off a much wider variety of hairstyles.

Since oval gals are in balance with the universe, they can choose how to style their Bardot-themed manes without care. Enjoy a stark-centered part or a flirtatious side sweep, and don’t worry too much about where your curtain bangs end.

Curtain bangs are a versatile option for those looking to try out a new look. Rocking curtain bangs can be done by just about anyone, regardless of their individual face shape. As long as you know the proper way to style your new bangs, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.

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article written by Brittany Baxter for Gossip Cop

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