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How To Use Leave-In Conditioner To Treat Thinning Hair Over 40, According To Hair Experts

Searching for the right products to improve thinning, aging and/ or fine hair can be overwhelming due to the countless options available. We chatted with hair experts who suggested utilizing a leave-in conditioner to obtain a noticeable difference. It can not only detangle strands and nurture hair, they noted, but also promote hair growth and increase body. Read on for leave-in conditioner tips, styling suggestions and haircare insight from Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles.

Using Leave-In Conditioner: Why And How It Can Transform Thinning Hair

According to Abdullah, an issue that can cause your hair to look older, thinner, or weaker is the lack of taming frizz. To fix this, a leave-in conditioner should be used after showering and prior to blow-drying. For optimal results, it's best to towel-dry your hair gently with a microfiber towel until it is slightly damp, then apply the product.

"Loss of estrogen can cause your hair to become more fine, and that means more prone to frizz," Abdullah explains. "Even if you never had to before, try a leave-in conditioner," she suggests. As long as it's lightweight, it will "coat your strands so that you can avoid frizz, but your hair won't be weighed down," she points out. In addition, she suggests trying a "few drops of jojoba oil after blow drying," as this can do the same trick.

She also stresses not "creating tangles when you wash by scrubbing in circles." Another helpful tip is to "detangle your hair when it's mostly dry, after applying a leave-in conditioner." To strengthen the hair follicles, Abdullah recommends "massaging your scalp with a little black seed oil."

In order to avoid the hair swelling with water when wet and breaking off pieces of the hair cuticle, "try using coconut oil as a pre-shampoo," she continues. In addition to leave-in conditioner, this "absorbs into the hair shaft and prevents water swelling your hair." When you comb hair that's swollen with water, she warns, "you're damaging it severely."

Overall, Abdullah concludes that leave-in conditioner is a useful supplemental measure for after washing and conditioning. It improves the process of moisturizing, and defending against heat, with many varieties available to meet different hair textures and requirements.

Article written by Marissa Matozzo

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