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Khloé Kardashian's Shadow Roots Are the Biggest Hair Color Trend for Fall

The Good American cofounder is wearing one of fall's biggest hair color trends ahead of new launches from the brand.

It's no secret that Khloé Kardashian, a natural brunette, likes to go blonde every once in a while. Her latest debut as a blonde, though, seems to be a nod to one of fall's biggest hair color trends: shadow roots. The reality star showed off her bronde-colored hair via Instagram on Wednesday, August 25.

As revealed in the caption, KoKo didn't post the picture just to show off her hair but to announce the launch of more "colors and fits" from the clothing brand she co-founded, Good American. Hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons is credited for styling the hair, meanwhile, while Los-Angeles based hairstylist Priscilla Valles added some extensions to the look.

Shadow roots require very little upkeep, meaning multiple trips to the salon are not necessary to keep the style looking fresh. The roots maintain their natural color, and the rest of hair is stripped to a lighter shade. In the case of someone with naturally dark hair like KoKo, however, lightening that hair from dark brown to blonde usually takes several hours (and a lot of the time, multiple sessions) to complete. In other words, if you're planning on going from one end of the hair color wheel to another, your initial styling appointment will definitely entail some heavy-duty color-stripping. Going from one hair color extreme to another can make hair prone to damage, so always make sure to book a consultation with a colorist to ensure that your hair comes out on the other side damage-free.

If not even KoKo can't convince you to try shadow roots this fall, other options for color abound, such as copper, pink, and yes, bleach-blonde hair is also expected to stay beyond summer. The fall season is always about fun and fresh colors, but there are also plenty of hairstyles that will be everywhere, too. Not sure if you're in need of a new cut or are just looking to style your hair differently? Check out our roundup of the most popular hairstyles this season.



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