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Michelle Pfeiffer, 64, Stuns in a No-Makeup Selfie That Shows Off Her Flawless Complexion

Can you say skin goals?!

Michelle Pfeiffer isn't just out here encouraging fans to do their civic duty, she's also showing everyone that you can have totally glowing skin at any age. Michelle shared her natural beauty and flawless skin in a no-makeup Instagram post yesterday.

This 64-year-old celeb must be made out of magic because her complexion is so darn flawless. And her secret lies in the simplicity of her products. Michelle is passionate about beauty products that focus on a minimal ingredient list. She explained that her children inspired her to reconsider the products that she uses: "You begin to look at the world through the eyes of your children, and you just want to protect them—so you start looking at health in a preventive way," she said in an Oprah Daily interview.

Michelle's new perspective led to the launch of her own fragrance line, Henry Rose. According to the company's website claims, the brand's fragrances are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and contain no parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, known or suspected carcinogens, or endocrine disruptors.

When it comes to her makeup, Michelle is very specific. "I have to have different standards," she told Oprah Daily. "There are products that I know to be super safe, and if I’m not working and won’t be photographed, I’ll use those."

One of Michelle's fave products is the W3LL People Mascara. She also recommended GUIDE Beauty Cosmetics in an Instagram video from last month. "I love their mission of 'creating a culture of empowered beauty' and the pigment of the eyeshadow palette and user-friendly (to ALL) applicators are tremendous," she wrote in the caption. "I am really enjoying incorporating GUIDE into my day-to-day routine."

Michelle has been using Sodashi skincare for a very long time. "I haven’t changed what I use on my skin in over ten years," she said in 2019. She likes that the products don't make her break out. “I have such reactive skin that if I find something that performs and agrees with me, I stick with it."

She also described the simplicity of her skincare routine: "I cleanse, I moisturize—that’s it.” Check out another no-makeup selfie that shows the star literally beaming.

As flawless and ageless as Michelle appears, she noted that she is human, too. And she also ages. “I certainly see that I’ve changed,” she said in an interview from 2017 with People. “I just try not to dwell on it. Aging happens to every single one of us. Once you accept that it unburdens you.”

Although a single, magical beauty hack would be more than ideal, Michelle credits sleep, exercise, and eating healthy to her flawless skin. "The big secret is that there is no secret,” she confessed in 2021 while speaking on a British talk show, Lorraine, The Daily Mail UK reported.

Thanks for the tips, Michelle!

Article written by Jaie Spanfeller for goodhousekeeping


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