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Proving That Layered Haircuts In 2022 Are Still The Best For All Lengths And Shapes

If you are looking for reasons to get a layered haircut, you’ve come to the right place. It’s understandable that only a few ladies like to be adventurous with their hair, and that’s why many are playing it with their hairstyles.

Getting a layered haircut in 2022 is one of the best hair decisions you can take. I mean, you can never go wrong with layered hairstyles. Aside from the attractive and fascinating look they give to your face, you get to look like a style icon. Yeah, most fashion icons and celebrities rock layered haircuts to make fashion statements.

The debate about the one-length haircut and layered hair cut has been ongoing for yours. Some ladies feel that having many layers add more volume to your hair and makes for styling. While others feel that layered haircuts don’t go well with every type of face, and make styling quite difficult.

However, layered haircuts are trendy, can go with any outfit, and make bold fashion statements.

What Is Layered Hair?

First of all, you need to understand exactly what layered hair means before making that look-changing decision. To put it simply, layered hair is cutting your hair into two or more lengths with tresses around your face.

Most often, layers are used to frame your face to make it look thinner and longer. Layers vary in lengths which totally depends on the style you want, and the volume of your hair.

It is always recommended to have a stylist to cut the layer of your hair because it is an acquired skill. You won’t want to layer your hair and end regretting your decision.

You want your layers to be even, properly proportioned, and send the right message. Unless of course, you are going for a certain look!

What Hair Experts Say?

To understand the topic of layered hair as deeply and accurately as possible, we have asked a few questions to the hair expert – Susan Ford. Susan is not only a professional hairstylist who created hair looks for a number of NYFW runway shows and fashion magazine covers but she is also the Precision Cutting Champion of North America, Artistic Director at a beauty salon and Independent Educator, coaching experts nationwide.

What is the difference between layering and texturizing hair?

Layering removes length from the interior of the hair, giving it more volume. Texturizing removes weight or bulk by using special scissors, which keeps the length and reduces bulk. A point cutting technique can also be used to take extra weight from the ends to help the hair move more freely.

What is textured layered hair?

When both layers are added to the hair and bulk is removed through the interior.

What is the difference between a layered bob and a textured bob?

Same as the above answer about layers.

Is texturizing hair bad?

If the hair is texturized too much, it can destroy the shape of the haircut, making it difficult to manage. Also, you have to be very careful when texturizing curly or frizzy hair, as it can make it frizzier or unmanageable.

Does texturizing thin your hair?

If overdone, yes.

Is texturizing the same as thinning?

Basically yes, but different scissors are used to dictate the amount of texturizing to avoid the hair looking thin or transparent.

What advice can you give our readers?

Knowing if your hair needs to be texturized or layered would be the best advice from your stylist. They would take into consideration your desired result as well as the texture and density of your hair to determine what techniques they will need to use.

How Do You Style Layered Haircuts?

Unlike what many people think, layered haircuts are not difficult to style. In fact, all you need is basic hairstyling skills. You can use a curling iron to twist the tips of your hair or put your ten fingers inside your to roughen it up as you style.

You can also use a hair stretcher to stretch the tresses, or flat iron to flatten your hair to give your face that straight look. But, always have it mind that volume is the beauty of layered haircuts. Make it look voluminous no matter the style you are picking.

There are literally dozens of layered haircuts for women.

Types of Different Layered Haircuts

Straight Inverted Bob

If you still want to maintain your long hair, this style is for you. You layer the back, middle and tresses while maintaining the long hair look. Any color of hair is just great for this style.

Long Disconnected Choppy Layers

Long disconnected choppy layers is an amazing choice for thick hair. Having thick and long hair makes it possible for long layers to be achieved. This style comes with different beautiful styling options. It also gives thin hair a thick hair look.

Mid-length Two-tier for Thick Hair

Ladies with thick hair can tweak their layered hair cut to two-tier mid-length. One layer will be cut to shoulder level, while the other stops at the nape of your neck

Chunky Razored Layers With Straight Rounded Bob

The stylist makes a bob using razors to make the tips of your hair thinner until a bob like look is achieved

Is Texturing the same as Layering?

Texturing is quite different from layering. When layering, the aim is to give the hair different lengths, while texturing has to do with making the hair scantier and the tips thinner.

Layering is great for ladies with thick hair while texturing goes well for ladies with curly hair. Layering gives the hair that thinner look while texturing gives the tips of the hair a thinner look. Layer bob flatter ladies with thin and long faces, but texting is perfect for just any type of face.

Layering on round-faced ladies require regular maintenance while texturing on any type of face doesn’t need much maintenance. For texturing to stand out, it takes a professional stylist who knows how to make razor cuts, while layering can be done with basic hairstyling skills. Texturing makes you look choppy, daring, and adventurous, while layering makes you look bold and classy.

Textured hair grows equally when not layered. Layered hair grows differently because of the different layers. Texturing is mostly done with razors and shears. Layering is done by using scissors. During texturing, the stylist is to hold the shears or razor vertically while cutting the hair. Layering is done horizontally, depending on the style.

Advantages Of Layered Haircuts

1. Layered hair will flatter any facial shape.

2. Layers add a ton of volume to your hair. They are especially beneficial for those with thin or fine hair.

3. Plus, they can add more bounce to curly and wavy hair.

4. They will add life (and remove weight) from thicker tresses.

5. It is full of coloring options such as ombre and balayage hues. They add a ton of texture to your hair.

6. Layers allow for dozens of ways to style your hair.

7. Both shorter and longer hair is great with the layered haircut.

8. The amount of time it takes your hair to dry is reduced.

9. Layers are a simple way to dress up your look if you are ready for a new hairstyle.

10. They are a great way to remove dead ends and keep your hair healthy as well.

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article written by Rosemary Egbo for lovehairstyles

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