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Six Diet Tips for Strong and Healthy Hair

It’s a dream of every woman to have long, thick and lustrous hair. However, it is a problem nowadays for lots of women who have to battle hair-related issues such as dandruff, hair loss and split ends among others. Now, it is definitely possible to find a temporary solution to these problems by using over-the-counter hair care products available in the market.

The external care may give immediate relief but one needs to focus on internal care. A healthy diet is advisable to keep hair fall and other related issues at bay. Unless we focus on having the right diet, we cannot have hair which is strong and healthy from the roots. One needs to see whether the scalp is growing as much hair as it is losing. Below are some of the diet tips which help in strengthening the scalp and nourishing the hair.

1) Protein Rich diet: Strong and healthy hair requires a protein-rich diet and the lack of protein will lead to more hair loss. Therefore, you need to ramp up your diet with a greater amount of chicken, fish, eggs and milk.

2) Vitamin B7: You should take care to include extra biotin (Vitamin B7) in your diet. Make sure to include veggies and fruits which are a great source of Vitamin B, such as carrots, almonds, spinach and kale of leaf cabbage.

3) Iron rich food: If your body suffers from a severe lack of iron, the process of oxygen circulation is disrupted, which leads to lesser blood circulation to the scalp. Include more spinach, meat and milk in your diet to increase iron.

4) Vitamin B6 and B12: Make sure to eat foods which are rich in vitamin B6 and B12. Include enough kidney beans, eggs and grains (including pulses) in the diet.

5) Omega 3: Oily fish and walnuts are good for hair since they contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 found in the fish oil stimulates hair growth and also reduces hair fall.

6) Vitamin C: Watermelons, citrus fruits and bell peppers are a great source of Vitamin C, which helps keep the hair healthy from within.

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