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The Skinny Lob Is The Go-To Quiet Luxury Haircut For 2024

Have you ever caught yourself pining for long hair while simultaneously resisting the urge to reach for the scissors and chop it all off? If so, you certainly aren't alone, and that's where the transitionary long bob — or lob — comes in, only this is the skinny iteration. This chic, trendy look is essentially the longest bob you can wear before it becomes a midi hairstyle, and its name is rather straightforward. "The haircut gets its name from its narrow, elongated silhouette," hairdresser Tom Smith told Glamour.

The skinny lob is ideal if you're craving a change but don't see yourself rocking a shorter bob. It's also the perfect avenue for those who are on their way to longer locks and want a stylish option to don along the way. Essentially, you can't go wrong with this go-to quiet luxury 'cut, as it's the perfect in-between length. Curious how to achieve it? Here's some inspiration for your next salon appointment.

Effortlessly chic for the win

The skinny lob is all about effortless wearability. This eye-catching 'cut is luxurious with minimal effort, as there isn't much styling required to obtain it. If you have wave patterns in your hair that you'd like to tame a bit, try simply blow-drying your skinny lob and keeping your hair in front of your ears to create the longer silhouette that's so signature of this look.

Sleek movement also flies

On the flip side, if you want to showcase your waves, a few curls can be easily thrown in because this 'cut is so versatile. This won't take long thanks to the length of the style — just be sure to add some medium-hold hairspray to keep your look fresh throughout the day.

Voluptuous volume

While the skinny lob is known for its long, slim shape, volume can also be thrown into the mix. For heightened texture and density, use your favorite volumizing products to create more dimension in the skinny lob's shape. These soft waves will provide a cascading effect that's sure to have you head over heels for your new style.

The skinny lob gives retro vibes

If you're getting '90s vibes from the skinny lob, you certainly aren't alone. There's something perfectly reminiscent of the "Friends" era when it comes to this trend, which is precisely what we adore about it. Pair the vibe with some Y2K-inspired fashion, and you'll be right on trend. So, why not try the skinny lob for a true '90s sitcom look?

And unmatched mystique

There's an element of distinction that comes with the skinny lob that is truly unmatched. Without layers or too much length, the style perfectly frames the face. The skinny lob can be worn straight or with volume, but it's the midi length that gives this look its mystique. Even if the skinny lob isn't your final destination and you're simply hanging out here on your way to longer locks, this stage will likely be one of the more enjoyable in the growing-out process.

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