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The Skinny Lob Is the Most Luxurious Haircut Trend

It's the perfect in-between length.

Hairstyle trends come, hairstyle trends go. But as the rise of the “skinny lob” proves, one hair length is particularly affected by the fluctuation in trends: medium-length hair or midi hairstyles. Why? Clearly because the bob is part of it. And if there's one haircut that keeps coming up with new trendy variations, then it's the bob.

And we think so: After the Italian bob and the Beckham (or Posh Spice) bob, it's finally time for a new, cool version, and this one really has it all. And while short bob hairstyles have had a moment recently, it's now the medium-length bobs that are currently trending, especially the “skinny lob.”

What does the skinny lob look like?

Ever heard of the transitional look? The skinny lob is basically just that, a cool hairstyle with a transitional length. But let's take a step back first. A lob is a long bob, a long version of the popular haircut—or the look you temporarily wear when you grow out a short bob.

Whether intentional or not, the long bob is the perfect midi hairstyle for anyone who can't decide whether they want long or short hair. And this look is now getting a cool update with the skinny lob. Hairdresser Tom Smith reveals what it looks like: “The haircut gets its name from its narrow, elongated silhouette.” In terms of length, he says, it is the longest way to wear a bob before the haircut transitions into more of a classic midi hairstyle, almost transitioning into a long hairstyle.

What makes the skinny bob cut so special

For this trendy haircut, you should avoid extreme layers that would immediately catch the eye. Only the ends are slightly graduated to avoid a hard edge and create a soft look. All in all, the cut has a flowing effect—the exact opposite of the many layered cuts that have gone through the roof in recent months.

How to style the cool midi hairstyle

To support the flowing and casual character of the skinny lob cut, you should opt for soft waves when styling. But a blowout over the round brush can also give the cut a little more volume. Still looking for styling inspiration for the skinny lob? Here are the most beautiful variations of the trendy midi hairstyle.

Soft glamour waves

Skinny lob with side parting

Flicked skinny lob

Blowout skinny lob

Classic skinny lob

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Article written by Melanie Paukner for Glamour

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