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Late Check In or Late Flight Out, the perfect thing to do while in Bali Transit Limbo

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Are you planning a visit to Bali?

Perhaps you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor to the Island of the Gods. Regardless of your travel experience, there's one thing we can all agree on: Bali is a paradise filled with endless adventures, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable memories waiting to be made. But what do you do when you find yourself in that in-between phase of your journey, where checking into your hotel is hours away, or you've got a few hours to spare before your late flight home? The answer lies in the heart of Bali, at The Shampoo Lounge, located on both coasts on the east side in Sanur and a very easy trip to or from the airport and Seminyak, Bali's center for fine dining and entertainment.

The Shampoo Lounge

For those looking for a TSL location relatively close to the airport, we recommend The Shampoo Lounge Sanur, typically only thirty minutes using the mostly empty Bali Toll road

Me Time The Shampoo Lounge

Her Time and Me Time Packages: Your Path to Bliss

For those seeking the ultimate pampering experience, our Her Time and Me Time packages are designed to provide you with hours of pure indulgence. Picture yourself enjoying a luxurious massage, a rejuvenating facial, and a glamorous makeover – all tailored to your unique preferences. It's the perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle of travel and enter a world of relaxation.

🌸 Her Time salon packages 🌸

Root Renew and Revitalize! Say goodbye to those pesky roots and give your hair the care it deserves with our Root Renew & Revitalize package. Enjoy 20% off on a Root Touch Up paired with a nourishing Hair Treatment. Get ready to revitalize your locks and embrace a fresh, rejuvenated look.

💁‍♀ Get Ready to Glam Up! 💅 Step into The Shampoo Lounge and indulge in the ultimate beauty experience. Our exclusive Glam Up package offers 20% off on a hair treatment, haircut, and gel mani-pedi. Elevate your style and let us pamper you from head to toe. It's time to unleash your inner glam goddess!

💫 Revive Your Hair with Color & Care! 💇‍♀ Experience a vibrant new look and restore the health of your hair with our Color & Hair Revive package. Enjoy 20% off on any color service of your choice along with an Olaplex treatment. Let our skilled stylists work their magic and leave you with hair that's full of life and radiance.

💄 Indulge in a Beauty Boost! 💋 Calling all ladies who lunch, influencers, and models! Our Beauty Boost package is designed to make you shine. Enjoy an incredible 20% off on a Mini Olaplex treatment, glamorous Blow Styling session, and expert makeup application. Step out with confidence and turn heads wherever you go.

👯‍♀ More the Merrier! 👭👬 Bring your friends and enjoy our hair treatments together! With our More the Merrier offer, when you buy 5 Hair Treatments, you'll get 1 absolutely FREE! It's the perfect opportunity to gather your squad and enjoy a pampering session that's filled with laughter and relaxation.

🌸 Our Me Time packages are the perfect treat upon arrival or the last few hours before you depart 🌸

Me time The shampoo Lounge

Affordable Luxury at Your Fingertips

One of the most delightful surprises for many travelers is discovering that a salon visit in Bali is a fraction of what it costs back home. At The Shampoo Lounge, we take pride in offering top-quality salon and spa services at prices that won't break the bank. So go ahead, treat yourself to that makeover, hair styling, or spa treatment you've been dreaming of.

Bali Barber Husband day care

Bali Barber: Grooming for the Gentlemen

While ladies indulge in their spa and salon delights, the gentlemen don't have to feel left out. Our Bali Barber, conveniently located alongside our salon and spa in both Seminyak and Sanur, is a sanctuary for men and boys. From classic barber services like hot towel shaves and master barber haircuts to nail treatments and beard trims, we've got your grooming needs covered. Bali Barber is the official home of "Bali Husband Day Care" and has several packages to keep the men relaxed and looking their absolute best

Princess Spa: Whimsical Wonders for the Girls

If you're traveling with your little princesses, make their Bali experience truly magical with our Princess Spa. From princess-themed hair and nail services to fun and whimsical pampering, our spa is designed to create precious memories for your young ones. It's the perfect way to let them feel like royalty during your Bali adventure.

Baggage / Luggage Storage

Have no worries about your bags when you're at TSL, we will secure them for you while at the salon and if you want to spend some time in the area after your service. Just pick them up before we close. Transform Your Look

Lastly, many women choose to get an amazing hair transformation at on their last day in Bali before flying home. Our team of experts is well-versed in creating stunning hairstyles and color treatments that will have you feeling like a new person. What better way to end your Bali journey than with a fresh, fabulous look?

Learn more about hair extensions at or The Shampoo Lounge

So, whether you're facing a late hotel check-in, a few hours before your flight, or you simply want to make your Bali experience extra special, The Shampoo Lounge has everything you need. From our pampering packages to Bali Barber options and princess spa delights, we're here to ensure that every moment of your Bali journey is filled with relaxation, rejuvenation, and a touch of luxury.

Don't let the in-between moments pass you by – embrace them at The Shampoo Lounge and leave Bali feeling refreshed, revitalized, and absolutely radiant.

Your Bali salon and spa oasis awaits!

PS - Lately we're getting many queries from Cruise Line passengers in Bali on a port of call visit. The Shampoo Lounge Sanur is just a short drive to the Port of Benoa where the cruise ships berth and we're happy to have cruise line passengers in for a day of pampering and relaxation.

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