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‘Vanilla almond butter’ is the definitive hair colour for summer, according to TikTok

Updated: May 13, 2022

The shade has literally millions of likes.

We've already seen some seriously inspiring hair colour trends make headlines this year, from strawberry brunette to expensive blonde to off-black. However, according to TikTok, there's only one shade you need to know about for summer 2022: vanilla almond butter.

Ok, so it may sound like something you'd order in Starbucks or else a sweet treat you'd likely enjoy at afternoon tea, but vanilla almond butter is the ultimate hair colour that strikes a beautiful balance between cool, icy blonde and warm, multi-dimensional tones that's perfect for summer and beyond.

The shade was coined by hair colourist and TikToker Chrissy Rasmussen, whose videos showcasing the look have amassed tens of millions of views. Followers were quick to express their approval of the shade, with one TikToker commenting, “Omg almond butter” and another exclaiming, “PLEASE OMG!🥰🥰”, while many others tagged a friend they knew would love the look.

According to the clips, vanilla almond butter starts with darker, nutty tones at the roots of the hair and cascades into an intertwined mix of golden, neutral and icy highlights throughout the mid-lengths and towards the ends.

While the shade is certain to be a popular reference for salon transformations, Chrissy originally used the name to describe a particular shade of her popular hair extensions, Habit Hair Extensions by EasiHair Pro.

The range of extensions has been crafted using 100% Remy Cuticle Intact hair to provide volume, length or colour (or all of the above), so if you're not totally sold on vanilla almond butter just yet, you could consider testing it out without the commitment with an easy-to-use clip-in extension.

As for other hair colours that make for a perfect update for summer, check out our round-up of the best ones to go for, as well as the hairstyles to choose for anyone who fancies a chop.

Wanna try vanilla almond butter hair color? Check The Shampoo Lounge. The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our hair color galleries on our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in #tslhaircoloring


article written by Lottie Winter for Glamour


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