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What You Should Know If You Want To Rock The Asian Blonde Hair

Do You Think You Are Ready to Make the Plunge to Asian Blonde Hair? Make Sure to Read This First Before Coloring Your Dark Hair.

What You Need To Know Before Coloring Your Hair

The Asian blonde hair color is a major trend right now. Scroll through your Instagram feed any given day, and you will surely see pictures of Asian style influencers showing off their dyed, bleached hair. This Asian blonde hair look is all the trend right now. Thanks to the ombre trend that took off a few years ago, Asian blonde hair became a thing. Though it may seem like a simple process, make sure you know all that goes into coloring your dark hair and transforming it into beautiful Asian blonde hair.

Be Ready to Be Patient

Coloring your dark hair blonde will take time

So you think you are ready to dye your dark Asian hair blonde? Though you may see before and after pictures on Instagram, dying your hair from dark to blonde is not an easy or quick process. The coloring process will likely take several rounds of bleaching to get your hair to the ideal blonde color. Be sure to be clear with the hairstylist of your desired look. Show your stylist pictures of what you want your hair to look like. Depending on how dark your hair is at the start of the process, it may take several months to get your hair to its desired blonde color (if you are coloring it safely). While you are in the process of coloring your hair from dark to blonde, beware that your hair color may be brassy and orange during the interim.

What color of blonde is best for you?

There are several variations and shades of blonde. So many, that nearly everyone can pull off some shade of blonde. Asian women can most certainly wear and look good with blonde hair. So, if you want to pull off the Asian blonde hair look, you can pull it off.

Icy blonde hair

This color will look good on you if you have fair or pale skin. It is a super fun look, but can be tricky to pull off.

Platinum blonde hair

This is a very popular color. This is the most common color for Asian women (and men) to dye their hair. Major Asian style and fashion influencers have platinum blonde hair, making it desirable to more people and to those who look to these influencers for inspiration. This color looks great on people with porcelain skin. Subtle highlights can enhance your look.

Dark to Asian blonde ombre hair

This style is a great option for people who are not ready to make the complete transition to full-on blonde hair. Plus, if you decide at a later point that you do not want blonde hair anymore, you can cut off the blonde without much stress or hassle. There are so many fun color options and variation to get this look.

Warm, honey blonde hair with highlights

Warmer tones tend to look better on fair and medium skin tones. This color is not as popular with Asian women than the platinum blonde look. This color can be more difficult to pull off. A subtle highlight can also look good with this color. Also, beware of fading with this color.

Ash blonde hair

Ash blonde hair looks great on people with fair skin with blue-green undertones. This is another popular color for Asian blonde hair.

Dirty blonde hair with highlights

Anytime you opt for highlights, make sure you trust your hair stylist. Highlights can quickly turn bad, orange, and striped if you do not have a good hairstylist doing your hair.

Most importantly, ask an expert

t is ideal — and recommended — that you have an idea of what color blonde you want before seeing a hair stylist. However, you should consult a hair stylist who can give you more information on the different colors and how they will look on you with your skin tone, as well as share their insight and advice based off their work on previous clients. It is to your advantage to go to someone who has experience bleaching dark Asian hair blonde.

If you dye your hair in the dead of winter and are more pale than usual, think about how your hair will look if you get a little more tan. If you tan very easily, be sure to share that information with your hair stylist so they can most accurately help you determine the best hair for your skin tone.

Have a Plan for Your Hair

Make a plan for your asian blonde hair for the next year

Once you have made the decision to go from dark hair to blonde hair, and know that the process will take some time, you next need to make a plan to get your currently dark hair to the desired Asian blonde color. If you are planning to do an ombre hair color, be sure you cut your hair to your desired style before starting the coloring process.

Because coloring your hair blonde will take several rounds of coloring, you will not want to cut a lot off while going through this color process; rather you would want to do a major cut before going through the color transformation. Minor trims are fine — and probably necessary because of the damage bleaching does to your hair — but make sure to do any major haircuts before you start the bleaching process to get to your desired Asian blonde hair color. Otherwise, you will cut off all the blonde that you have paid so much for — both in time and money.

Be Patient

If you have colored your hair recently, it will likely take you a few trips to the salon to get your hair to the color you desire. In order not to damage your hair, you really should only go a few shades lighter during each session. If you try to go too blonde too fast, it will likely turn orange and brassy. Not the beautiful Asian blonde color you are going for. Worse, it can break and do serious damage to your beautiful Asian hair. In this instance, patience is a virtue.

Be sure to consult with your hairdresser before you start the process, so you are completely aware of the entire process and length of time it will take to get your dark hair to the desired blonde hair color. It typically takes longer for Asian hair to turn blonde because it is thicker and has more melanin than other types of hair. Yes, spending your entire Saturday at the hair salon does not sound ideal. But, it is well worth it. In general, the longer you spend at the salon, the better your hair will turn out. It may be painful to endure at the time, but you will be so much happier with your hair, especially if you are happy with your hair.

Bleaching virgin Asian hair

If you are one of the lucky and rare ones who has not colored your hair recently or ever, your hairdresser may be able to bleach your hair to the desired color in one sitting. Though this is ideal, so you do not have to make several trips to the hair stylist, the process can take eight hours — or more — sometimes taking up to 12 hours.

If you have never colored your, you should speak with a hair stylist so they can explain the entire process to you. You should also be completely aware of everything that entails the bleaching process and the maintenance required after you have colored your hair. Unless you let your hair grow out and do not mind the roots and awkward hair color, you will need to keep your hair maintained, even after you decide you do not want to color your hair anymore. Think through your decision to bleach your hair and if this is a long-term look you want.

Before you get to the salon

Do not wash your hair

You may not know this, but washing your hair makes your scalp more sensitive. Because you are already doing damage to your hair by dying it and putting harsh chemicals on your hair and your scalp, the coloring process will be much more painful if you shampoo it right before your hair appointment. You will feel a painful burning sensation if you wash your hair a day or two before your appointment. If possible, do not wash your hair a week out from your dye upcoming appointment.

Bring snacks, drinks, and a phone charger

You will likely be spending a lot of time in the salon chair when you get it colored. Make sure you come prepared. The last thing you want to happen while you are at the salon is to get hangry or anxious. The process of bleaching your hair is already stressful enough. Do not make life harder for yourself by not bringing any food, beverages, or forms of entertainment for the eight-12 hours you will be stuck in that chair. Plus, you and your hair are at the mercy of your hairdresser. The last thing you want is to irritate or be rude to your hairdresser. Come prepared, and you — and your hair stylist — will thank you!

Caring for Your Asian Blonde Hair

Thanks to the invention of a product called Opalex a few years ago, bleaching does less damage to hair than it used to. The ingredient, which can be added to bleach, repairs the breakage to your hair caused by the harsh chemicals in bleach. Ask your hairdresser if they use Opalex. Because you are making such a strong change in your hair color, using this product will protect your hair while undergoing to process to get your ideal Asian blonde hair.

How often should your bleached hair be washed?

It is advised to wait at least a few days to wash your hair after you first dye your hair. After that, it is typically recommended to wash your hair about once per week, or less if possible. Remember, the more you wash your hair, the more orangey and brassy your hair is likely to turn. Dry shampoo will soon become your best friend!

It is not just about what products you use when washing your hair or how often you wash your hair. The water temperature that you use when showering and washing your hair is very important. To preserve as much of the beautiful blonde color that you walked out of the salon with after a painstakingly long time in the salon chair, it is best to wash your hair with cold, cold water. Washing your hair with warm water opens up your hair cuticles and allows your previously bleached hair to rinse out and also speeds up the fading process. Cold water helps to keep your cuticles closed and hair color preserved.

What products are best?

Both during the process and once you have reached your desired hair color, make sure you take care of your hair to keep the beautiful ash color that you worked so hard to achieve. You can purchase blue or purple shampoo, based on the hues that your hair picks up. Talk to you hair stylist to find out what product they recommend for your hair and your price range. These purple and blue shampoos act as a temporary toner and fight to neutralize the brassiness that your hair starts to pick up after a few washes.

Deep conditioners are also an important investment once you have colored your hair, because the bleach, along with the blue and purple shampoos, is very drying. You should use a deep conditioner once a week to take proper care of your new hair. Oils are also great for your hair, which is much drier now because of the bleach. Moroccan oil is a great oil that will help nourish your hair. Because you will want to wash your hair less, you may also want to invest in a quality dry shampoo as well.

Other considerations

Bleaching your hair is time-consuming and expensive. Because it takes so much time to bleach your hair blonde, and because you want to (aka NEED to) go to a good, reputable stylist, be prepared to dish out some serious dollars for your hair. Not sure who to go to for your hair? Talk to friends with similar hair and who have gone through the process of coloring dark Asian hair blonde. Research online to find hair stylists who have done the Asian blonde hair on other clients.

Not only will the appointment where you get your hair bleached be long and expensive, but you will also need to go to the salon often — maybe even once or twice per month — to touch up your roots and any discoloration. As mentioned above, you will also want to invest in high-quality shampoo and conditioners that will help keep the brassiness at bay and nourish your hair. Plus, since your hair has already been damaged, you should buy higher quality styling products — straightener, hair dryer, and curling iron — if you use them at all.

Ideally, you should not use any heat products on your colored hair after bleaching it. Your hair is already weak, brittle, and damaged from the bleaching process. Using heated styling tools will hurt your hair even more, and can even cause it to break off. If you do, definitely invest in a good heat protectant serums, and use these heated tools with incredible caution.

The time you will need to dedicate to your hair should also be kept in mind. A salon appointment can take up your entire day. With some hairstylists recommending a touch up every two weeks. Make sure that this upkeep is something that you can fit into your lifestyle.

You may also find that the texture of your hair changes after coloring it. Because of the bleach in your hair, your hair may be more brittle and not as smooth and silky as it once was, before you dyed it. You may need time to work with your new hair and see what styles and looks look good with your new hair.

Enjoy your new hair!

This is the most important part of your transformation from dark hair to your new Asian blonde hair. Converts who have already made the change from the typical dark Asian hair color to blonde have expressed the compliments and attention that their new hair has brought them. You may find that you have more confidence. Enjoy and embrace your new hair. You are well on your way to being beautiful Asian blonde hair!

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