We offer premium salon, spa, barber, and mobile service in a a fun but professional manner. Our team is familiar with the most diverse international clientele possible and many of our team members have worked at overseas salons as well. We are quite comfortable attending to all types of ethnicities, hair types, and cultural preferences. 

For our premium services, we use only genuine imported products and several of our services are recertified annually by international partners and educators. We take what we do very seriously and strive to deliver international results for every client. 

Pricing Disclaimer: We do not advertise ourselves as a budget salon.  We are not Bali's cheapest salon choice nor are we the most expensive. Our prices are reflective of a number of factors including staff compensation to insure meaningful income and long term staff retention, heavy import duties and costs associated on products we import to Indonesia, inflation, extreme devaluation of the Rupiah, and exponentially rising rent costs. There is some price differences  between location menus due to different overhead models. We maintain a 20% off Local Loyalty Card for regular clients residing in Indonesia and we also have an Outlet at Hair Shop Store  offering reduced cost salon services and wholesale hair products.  We also offer a very popular Monthly Promotion on popular services - be sure to check this page and our social media regularly to stay current on these incredible offers.


We mention this because we encourage everyone to review our prices before booking or arriving at the salon. We are always happy to give a hassle free consultation without an appointment - just come in during our working hours. Please don't give us a one star review because you believe our prices should be cheaper than they are, we don't think you'd do that back home and not sure why you would do that in Bali. We do not haggle as that would not be fare to clients that have paid us fairly according to our menu. 

Many of our services have not had a price increase since we opened (> 7 years) and we are doing our best to deliver the best possible price to all of our clients. We appreciate everyone's understanding that we are doing all that we can to manage a long term, sustainable business in a challenging economic climate. 


We're all in this together! Undoubtedly, this is the hardest time for Bali ever. Businesses and families are struggling to make ends meet so we've dramatically reduced our prices to reflect the time we find ourselves in. We hope this gives some of you an opportunity to relax and enjoy a bit of me time at a fantastic price. 


Kita semua akan selalu bersama! Saat ini adalah waktu yang paling sulit bagi masyarakat dan Pulai Bali. Semua bisnis dan para keluarga sedang berjuang untuk dapat memenuhi kebutuhan hidup, sehingga kami memberi harga fantastis pada servis kami. Kami berharap menu lokal kami ini dapat memberi Anda kesempatan untuk bersantai, memanjakan diri, dan menikmati me-time dengan harga yang fantastis. Kami tunggu kedatangan Anda!



When it comes to full service -

there’s only one choice in Bali:

The Shampoo Lounge!

Services include: Salon, Day Spa Experience & Gentlemen's barber services.


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