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We are looking for people to help us demonstrate our capabilities on Social Media by being photographed during a complimentary service or clients interested to come in for free service up to 500K to critique us so we can insure that we're operating at world class standards.

Kami mencari yang tertarik untuk membantu kami mendemonstrasikan kemampuan kami di Media Sosial dengan diabadikan selama pelatihan dan akan mendapat layanan gratis kami dan./ atau klien yang tertarik untuk datang ke layanan gratis hingga nominal Rp.500.000 untuk memberi kami review/ saran yang membangun, sehingga kami dapat memastikan bahwa kami beroperasi dengan standar kelas dunia.

Please tell us about yourself and your preferences 
What we're working on this month. Check all that you're interested in. Video & Photos will be taken for Social Media during this complimentary session. Service will be by a Sr Stylist educating peer stylists
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Salon Preference (We will do most free promos in Sanur)

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When it comes to full service -

there’s only one choice in Bali:

The Shampoo Lounge!

Services include: Salon, Day Spa Experience & Gentlemen's Barber Service



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