Welcome to The Shampoo Lounge and Bali Barber at Sofitel Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali

The Shampoo Lounge and Bali Barber has been serving the island for more than six years and we're happy to serve you with our well known level of friendliness and professionalism in the convenience of our lovely salon space within the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua or privately attend to you in your room for most services. Feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests. 

Blow Outs-Up Dos - Hair Styling - Cuts - Coloring - Keratin - Hair Spa- Straightening - Eye Lash Extensions - Braiding - Children’s Haircuts  & Styling - Men’s  Barber Service - Scissor Haircut - Clipper Fades - Hot Towel Shave -Head Shave - Men’s  Nails - Black Mask - Unisex Waxing


Look and feel fabulous while on vacation! The Shampoo Lounge Sofitel offers professional salon services in the comfort of the resort. To get you beach ready. we offer fantastic waxing and when it's time for a bit of glam you can count on us for professional makeup,  perfect blowouts, updos, lashes, and manipedis. Bali's heat and humidity can be hard on your hair so be sure to try one of our select hair treatments. Local expats typically go with our four month Keratin treatment to have perfectly manageable hair during rainy season. And on your last day, enjoy a picture perfect make over. We're skilled with both Asian and Western hair types so styling and coloring are great choices and typically much less than what you would spend back home for similar quality.

For the men, we offer classic barber service by Bali Barber, the island's original western barbershop and masters of scissors, clippers, beard trimmers, and relaxing hot towel shaves. 

The salon itself is incredible and can be reserved in its entirety for bridesmaids, groomsmen, or get togethers with friends and family. A full drink and food menu is available. 

In room service is available for many of our treatments, do let us know if you would prefer that option. 



    Wash Blow Glow out with Brush (S-M)     385,000 

    Wash Blow Glow out with Brush (L-XL)     495,000 

    Wash Blow Styling  with Hot Tools (S-M)     495,000 

    Wash Blow Styling with Hot Tools (L-XL)     605,000 

    Extra Styling Touches     165,000 

    UpDo & Chignon     550,000 

    Wash Only     165,000 

    Blow out Only     275,000 




    Women's Haircut     605,000 

    Men's Barber Haircut     385,000 

    Kids cuts ( 12 & under )     275,000 




    Acrylic Manicure    

    Acrylic Full Set Without Extensions (Polish with OPI Included)     1,090,000 

    Acrylic Extensions (Polish with OPI Included)     1,100,000 

    Acrylic French (Polish with OPI Included)     1,100,000 


    Nail Art     110,000 

    Gel Polish Application     495,000 

    Acrylic/Gel Soak Off     330,000


Eyelash Extensions

    Japanese Trained & Certified     

    Mink Volume 3D in C Curl     1,320,000 

    Mink Volume 2D in C Curl     1,100,000 

    Classic Mink In C & J Curl     880,000 

    Silk Lashes in B, C, D, J Curl     770,000 


Professional Hair Treatment    


    Intensive Hair Repair     550,000 

    Luscious Lock Hair Treatment     495,000 

    Professional Hair Treatment    

    Olaplex Hair Treatment (S)     825,000 

    Olaplex Hair Treatment (M)     935,000 

    Olaplex Hair Treatment (L)     1,045,000 

    L'Oreal Smart Bond Strengthening Hair Treatment (S)     605,000 

    L'Oreal Smart Bond Strengthening Hair Treatment (M)     715,000 

    L'Oreal Smart Bond Strengthening Hair Treatment (L)     825,000 

    Virgin Coconut Creambath   550,000 

    Princess Hair Spa     330,000 

    Olive Oil Head & Scalp Treatment     550,000 

    Blow-out Only     275,000 

    Upgrade with a Pedicure     220,000 

    Upgrade with OPI or Gelish     330,000 

    Upgrade with ear candle     220,000


    Keratin Smoothing Treatment    


    Keratin Short     2,200,000 

    Keratin Medium     3,025,000 

    Keratin Lon     3,685,000 

    Keratin Extra Long     4,345,000 


    Hair Coloring    


    Touch Up (Up to 6cm)     770,000 

    Full Color Short     880,000 

    Full Color Medium     1,320,000 

    Full Color Long     1,760,000 

    Full Color Extra Long     2,200,000 

    Toning Short     715,000 

    Toning Medium     825,000 

    Toning Long     935,000 

    Toning Extra Long     1,045,000 

    Highlights Short - Half     1,375,000 

    Highlights Short - Full     1,925,000 

    Highlights Medium - Half     1,650,000 

    Highlights Medium - Full     2,200,000 

    Highlights Long - Half     1,870,000 

    Highlights Long - Full     2,475,000 

    Highlights Extra  Long - Half     2,090,000 

    Highlights Extra Long - Full     2,750,000 


    Ombre/Dip Dye/Balayage    

    Short -Medium     1,210,000 

    Long      1,650,000 

    Extra Long     2,365,000 

    Additional :         

    Bleach     440,000 

    Color     385,000 

   Make Up    


    Simple Make Up     770,000 

    Special Occasion Make Up     990,000 

    Just Eye + Falsies     660,000 


   Bridal Group Package    1 Bride + 4 Bridesmaids     13,200,000 

    Bridal Make Up & Hair Styling     5,500,000 

    Bridal Styling Only     2,200,000 

    Bridal Make Up Only     3,850,000 

    Bridesmaid/Mum Hair Styling Only     935,000 

    Bridesmaid/Mum Make Up Only     1,375,000 


   Gentlemen's Barber Services    


    Men Hair Cut     385,000 

    Hot Towel Wet Shave     275,000 

    Haircut & Hot Towel Wet Shave Combo     550,000 

    President Package     880,000 

    Hot Towel Head Shave     330,000 

    Beard Trim      165,000 

    Clipper Cut     275,000 

    Boys Hair Cut     275,000 

    Hair Pattern for Boys      165,000 

    Men's Black Mask Skin Cleansing     550,000 

    Argan Oil Big Beard Conditioning     330,000 

    Scalp Rejuvenation Treatment with L’Oreal     440,000 

    Collagen Under Eye treatment Only     165,000 

    Men Hair Coloring is Available        

Contact Us

Important Info

  • We are well staffed and  do our best to accommodate walk ins on short notice  

  • We are open from 10AM-6PM daily except for a few major holidays (we can open earlier or later to support weddings and events)

  • Hotel guests can book in via Ext #4221

  • Hotel guests with questions are asked to call our central booking team at   +6285 338 333 338(Whatsapp)

  • Feel free to email directly - that's how we respond best tslsofitel@shampoolounge.com

  • We are located in the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Resort inside SoSPA


Email bookings via this form are the best way for to communicate with us and we reply very promptly from 10AM-6PM daily and do our best to answer after hours as well.