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Address: Jl. Basangkasa 8X, Seminyak
Hours: 9am - 7pm daily


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Professional Hair Coloring


Hair Coloring Services


A freehand technique where color is painted onto the hair for a soft and blended result. This technique is best when hair length is below the shoulders.

This is a Shampoo Lounge specialty and our most requested hair coloring service. 

Single Process Color

Permanent color penetrating the hair shaft, giving hair new color that grows out. Great for covering gray or dramatically changing hair color.


Accent hair color with highlights that can be applied using several techniques. Hair color is pre-lightened from selected strands of hair that can be toned to a desired shade.


Using the same technique as highlights, lowlights gives the hair more depth by applying darker shades to selected strands of hair.

Corrective Color

Is your current color too dark or light? Uneven or just not looking right? We can correct most types of color.


A gradual blending of hues usually moving tints and shades from dark to light.

Bali's Professional Hair Coloring Salon

There are many reasons why we're Bali's busiest salon and hair coloring for all types of hair is definitely one of them. When you visit The Shampoo Lounge for hair coloring, you should expect to find a team of highly skilled stylists familiar with both Western and Asian types and colors including most definitely blondes. We're fan's of Olaplex to achieve perfect coloring results. We're the choice for men's hair coloring in Bali and attend to all the men's hair coloring needs at Bali Barber either in our salon or at the barbershop depending on client preferences. We're Bali's most well staffed salons and salon therapists are available to attend to your nails and other services during your hair color appointment. 


Hair coloring requires a free consultation for us to understand your color goals, hair health, history, and we'll clearly explain the results you should expect and the estimated price of the service. Booking is most definitely required for color service. 

Seminyak is open daily 9-7 and Nusa Dua is open 10-10 daily making it a perfect destination for an evening hair coloring session. 

read our client testimonials on tripadvisor 

Many salons and spa's choose not to list on TripAdvisor but we're happy to receive constructive feedback in any form and appreciate our clients taking the time to do so

Great service with good price

I had my highlights and colour done by Danny and was absolutely pleased with the result. I previously had my hair cut here as well, and it is one of the best cuts I've ever had. Both visits, the staff were professional and attentive, and the overall service is good value for money.


Professional, well priced and many services

I had a hair cut and balayage over 2 visits and both times was very satisfied with the level of professional skill, attention to detail, range of services and good prices. 
Slightly higher prices to street salons but you are paying for experience and guaranteed quality. I got a quote to do ash blonde balayage from a street salon and it was the same price as TSL, only with TSL you know your money won't be wasted on average service. There is a spa and barber connected to TSL so my partner didn't have to sit and wait for 5hours, he got a massage and shave while waiting. 
Overall really happy with my balayage and my hair cut was the best one I've ever had. 
Thank you xx

excellent visit!

I visited this salon twice while in Bali - once because I wanted to change my hair colour, and another to get a shellac manicure before leaving.
Fantastic experience getting my hair done.. I wanted to change from blonde to brown, and the team managed to achieve the exact shade I wanted promptly and efficiently meaning I wasn't sitting still for too long!
On my 2nd visit, the electricity helped and the therapist gave me a free neck and shoulders massage while waiting for power to be restored. These things happen, so I felt it was a nice touch even if my appointment took an hour longer than I had expected!


It's been two months since I got my hair dyed and cut by Danny, and it still looks amazing, and he was the nicest and most chatty guy ever. <3 THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY HAIR LOVELY XXXXX

The best balayage!

Was a bit hesitant to get my hair cut and coloured overseas but thought I'd give them a chance due to their excellent reviews. So glad I did, as they did such a great dye job. Was exactly what I wanted. Fully put my trust in the hair dresser and he really impressed me. Would definitely go there again next time I'm in Bali.

Amazing Hair Coloring

I went in today I must say that I am in love with my new hair color the staff are friendly and simply wonderful and it's a very nice saloon I truly recommend it.

Going Ash Blond in Bali

So here is the story. For quiet a long time, I wanted to go grey hair as I am in love with this color. I'm living in Bali for 6 months and then did not want to wait to go back to France to do it. I went to a few places where I could do my coloration, I wanted the best salon, as my hair base is dark brown. It is a fairly big challenge and process to go grey especially if you go from a dark base. So I went to the shampoo lounge, and my hair stylist was the only one who told me, she could do it, but actually did not want to do grey color on my hair as she said it could really damage my hair, maybe break completely. She even recommend that I look for another place if I really wanted to go grey as she did not want to have the responsibility for damaging my hair. By then, I really started to ask myself if that was a good idea.. My hair is all natural and I never did coloration before so I was quiet scared of losing my hair. She really cared about my hair. So I booked with her and finally decided to go ash blond, which would be quiet light as well and fairly different with my actual color. I felt that she really would do her best and that's what she did. The process is quiet long but the result was really good and am very happy.

Going blonde in Bali

A lot of research due to a little trepidation into getting my hair 'blonder' whilst in Bali.
Nevertheless I took a chance as
my hair was very yellowly and brown , as with only maintaining with half head foils etc done in Brisbane & sporadically.
I went full head foils and tailored toner as advised by my wonderful stylist Tammy. I felt very lucky to have her do my colour in the first instance, and I found she was honest, knowledgable and a truly wonderful person also. (She was stuck with me for near 4hours)
The salon was busy, clean and all the staff seemed lovely (I got a manicure whilst getting my hair done) 
About $170 AUD and the results, plus the care taken were amazing, excuse the shocking 'before' shot, but it shows the result...
Do it and try and get Tammy!

What a find!!

I must admit I was dubious at first about having my hair done in Bali. My hair was getting me down. The colour was patchy and my cut just not right. As a mature aged professional, I need to feel and look good

Tammy was the answer to my prayers. She talked over what I wanted, my lifestyle, likes and dislike, and showed me loads of photos and explained three options she envisioned. The result was amazing. Smooth and sleek with a bit of bounce and fabulous colour. I even went blonde. I had a pedicure at the same time (complimentary) and acrylic nails. All fabulous. It's certainly not cheap, but you get what you pay for. 

My 11 year old daughter was also pampered. All the staff were friendly and amazing and the salon very comfortable.

I only wish this salon were in Melbourne. Thanks, Tammy!

Awesome Balayage

Had the Balayage done with Tammy today.She really did an incredible job with my hair.She gave explicit and honest consultation before getting the job done.The result was amazing! Highly recommended.

Best Color Ever!

My stylist Tammy was amazing! She set my expectations up front, arranged lunch for me from the place next door, I showed her a picture of what I wanted and i'm absolutely THRILLED with how my hair came out. I'm usually very picky, I'm the kind of client that will go back to the salon if I'm not happy and I rarely, if ever have walked away pleased with my hair. Tammy spent 5 hours on my hair, knew exactly what she was doing right from the beginning when I showed her the picture which was such a nice change, She was attentive, and warm and I just adored her and my whole experience at TSL. I'm definitely going back and would highly recommend to anyone in Bali.

Cool spot for hair cut, coloring, updo or massage

My friend was looking to get her hair cut and colored, and I was looking for (another) massage, so The Shampoo Lounge was the perfect place. Fun, colorful ambiance; they did a great job on my friend’s hair (and she was even able to get a foot massage while it was setting) and my massage was wonderful. Cool spot!


the staff are so friendly and they are so expert. The place is lil bit small, but still nice. I had great result of balayage, so cool! Now, im so in love with my new hair color. Great job!

Great colour

After reading the reviews I decided to take the plunge and have my hair coloured here. So happy with the result! Definitely recommend this salon to anyone even if you are picky with you hair.

Fantastic Salon

I had a cut and colour and got a blow dry - it was wonderful and I must mention Clay was exceptional when I was nervous going to a new hairdresser. 
She made me feel at ease and I loved the cut she gave me. She even knew where the Gold Coast was. All round fabulous experience - thank you Clay

Great colour and blow dry

Christina did my hair. She was so lovely, listened to what I wanted, reassuring, knowledgable and gave me a great colour and cut!! Not bad prices either! Highly recommend!


Pricing is subjective and we recognize that we are priced a bit at the higher end for Bali. Please do review our menu prior to your visit and expect that the stylist will give you an estimate during your free consultation. We do our best to price our services fairly to reflect the quality the client should expect to receive, staff properly and provide a livable wage for our staff, a sustainable business model, and to support the use of expensive imported products and quality equipment we use during our treatments. Thank you for your understanding. 

Hair Coloring

TOUCH UP |  IDR 529,000 {AU$51.5} upto 6cm 



Short IDR 446,500 | Medium IDR 564,000  

Long IDR 799,000 | Extra Long IDR 846,000


SHORT  |  IDR 552,000 {AU$55}

MEDIUM  | IDR 670,000 {AU$67}

LONG  | IDR 846,000 {AU$84}

EXTRA LONG/THICK  | IDR 1,081,000 {AU$108}


SHORT | IDR 670,000 {AU$67}

MEDIUM  | IDR 787,000 {AU$78}

LONG  | IDR 963,500 {AU$96}

EXTRA LONG/THICK | IDR 1,198,500 {AU$119}


Short starting from  IDR 881,000 for one color {AU$88} | IDR 235,000 additional per color for multiple colors {AU$23}

Medium starting from IDR 881,000 for one color {AU$88}

Long starting from IDR IDR 999,000 for one color {AU$99}

Extra Long/Thick starting from IDR 1,116,000 for on color {AU$111} 


SHORT ~ QUARTER | IDR 411,000 {AU$41}

SHORT ~ HALF  |  IDR 705,000 {AU$70}

SHORT ~ FULL | IDR 999,000 {AU$99}

MEDIUM ~ QUARTER | IDR 529,000 {AU$53}

MEDIUM ~ HALF  |  IDR 999,000 {AU$99}

MEDIUM ~ FULL | IDR 1,175,000 {AU$117}

LONG ~ QUARTER | IDR 646,000 {AU$64}

LONG ~ HALF | IDR 1,292,500 {AU$129}

LONG ~ FULL | IDR 1,586,000 {AU$158}

EXTRA LONG ~ QUARTER | IDR 881,000 {AU$88}

EXTRA LONG ~ HALF | IDR 1,469,000 {AU$146}

EXTRA LONG ~ FULL | IDR 1,762,500 {AU$176}