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Typically Hair Coloring, Keratin, Straightening, Hair Extensions require a visit to the salon for a proper assessment of your hair situation. We've made this online form to get you a preliminary quote before we see you at the salon.


In most cases it will be quite accurate depending on the photos you provide us of your hair and it's current condition. The more detail you include, the better of a quote we can provide to you. We typically reply very quickly.

TSL Estimated Quote Request Form

This is only an estimate - we need to see your hair in person for a final accurate quote before proceeding with your service if you choose to do so. In most cases, our online quote is quite accurate but there could be a small discrepancy until we see you in person. 

Services Desired? Please check all that apply. 

To quote accurately. We need photos of your current hair FRONT (Selfie), SIDE (Profile), TOP (Roots) and BACK (Use Mirror). 

Profile/Side View
Top Roots View
Back/Rear Mirror View

Hair Goal Photos

Please upload an example photo(s) of your hair goal (Color, Extensions, Braiding, Keratin, etc). 

Hair Goal Photo
Hair Goal
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