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12 Vibrant Summer Nail Colors To Inspire Your Next Mani

Now that flowers are starting to bloom, it’s due time to swap out the sad beiges and dark burgundies of your winter color palette with bright pinks, electric blues, and more. If you love a little paint on your nails at all times, these summer nail colors instantly evoke the carefree, childlike, and wondrous qualities of the best season around: summertime.

Essie 'Break It Sundown'

This orange feels like the epitome of a summer sunset. We can always count on Essie's vegan polish to deliver an opaque, satisfying wash of color, so this bottle will go a long way for your most colorful summer manis.

OPI 'Teal the Cows Come Home'

This summer nail color reminds us of crystal-clear pool water, so if you need that kind of energy in your life, go bold with a teal-blue.

Nailboo 'Amethyst' Gel Polish

It's giving "Lavender Haze," and we're obsessed. This shimmery shade is made from a gel formulation, so it goes on nice and smooth, and will last for a while. You could try layering it on top of another basic shade or style it on its own.

Nailboo 'Pink Lemonade' Gel Polish

Barbie would be proud of this summer nail color, for sure. Namely titled 'Pink Lemonade,' this vibrant pink hue is a nice refreshment for your nails and to welcome the warmer months.

PaintLab 'Fruity' Press-On Nails

It's time for a fun and flirty summer. Start the season off right by decking out your nails in some playful nail art, like these tiny little rainbow fruits from PaintLab! Some small silver gems join the party for extra stunning shine.

PLA 'Oopsie Daisy'

This pale yellow polish pairs extremely well with a tan. You can snag it in a gel formula or a regular polish, depending on how you like your summer manicures!

Nailboo 'Blueberry Milk' Gel Polish

First, there was latte makeup. Then, there were blueberry milk nails. This luxurious polish from Nailboo serves up a gorgeous wash of light blue with a slight purple tone for added visual interest.

Glamnetic 'Jelly Bean' Short Press-On Nails

Can't land on one summer nail color? Choose some tips like these that feature a few! You'll adore the practicality of the short almond shape, all while marveling at the colorful magic on your nails. Take only 5 minutes to apply these nails, then wear them for weeks!

Nailboo 'Cutecumber' Gel Polish

Your next summer mani is gonna be lookin' as cute as a cucumber with just a few layers this light green shade. The gel formulation ensures you get solid wear for days or even weeks. Vacay, here we come!

PaintLab 'Daisy Pink' Press-On Nails

Reflect the season's best blooms with these cutesy press-ons that have dotted daisies on them. The pink background just screams 'hot girl summer.' Putting these nail tips on is made easy with an included cuticle pusher, nail file, and tube of nail glue.

PLA 'Okay, Bloomer'

This easygoing lilac nail color delivers a super-shiny effect when you pair it with a nice clear top coat. Though pastels feel more spring-like, they're sure to look stunning even in the summer.

Chillhouse '90's Supermodel' Chill Tips

These eye-catching press-ons will help you paint the town red. Get out there and start testing the red nail theory for yourself. This nail kit comes complete with everything you need to stick the tips on, including a compact cuticle pusher, nail file, and nail glue. The best part is you can wear 'em over and over again.

We've get you ready for your vibrant nails! The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in.

Article written by Meredith Holser for

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