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14 Blueberry Nail Ideas to Try for a Juicy Summer Manicure

We've witnessed the rise of various fruit nail trends, from watermelon to strawberry to lemon, and now, it's time to embrace the irresistible charm of blueberry nails. Blueberries aren't just for smoothies and picnic spreads—they're also a delightful addition to your manicure. With their deep blue hue, blueberries add a whimsical and vibrant touch to any nail design, plus plenty of manis play into shades of blueberry, highlighting this trend's versatility. Whether you're into French tips or prefer a pattern finish, ahead, we've gathered 14 stunning blueberry nail ideas to inspire your next salon visit or DIY.

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Blueberry Lemon French

How sweet is this manicure? The combination of butter yellow and pastel blue is absolutely charming. To achieve this look, alternate French tips with fruit-inspired designs like blueberries and lemons for a playful twist.

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Mix-n-Match Berry Yellow

This manicure combines several trends into one stunning look, featuring French tips, pattern designs, and delightful fruit motifs. The use of a pastel yellow base here feels sunny and fresh.

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Minimalist Berry Nails

For a minimalist nail design that incorporates fruit motifs, start with a clear or neutral base on your nails, then apply a single fruit design to each nail (this one features alternating cherries, grapes, blueberries, lemons, and strawberries). You can either visit a salon for these designs or use stickers for a convenient DIY approach.

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Berry Blue French

The pastel blue palette here provides a soothing base, allowing the vibrant blueberry illustrations to pop with their juicy hues. This manicure is a whimsical choice that adds a fun, fruity twist to your nails.

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Fruit Salad

This look is ideal for anyone wanting to embrace a playful aesthetic, whether you're headed on vacation or looking for an extra boost of sunshine. It's an eye-catching choice that's ideal for someone who prefers a minimalistic design with touches of bold color.

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Blueberry Milk

Another standout manicure for those who want to embrace the blueberry nails trend in a more minimalistic way, this nail design showcases a cool blue base adorned with small blueberry details on select nails.

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Thin Blueberry French

This look keeps it simple yet unapologetically blueberry-inspired. The pastel blue tips here feel like a delicious alternative to classic white, while the blueberry accent nail design is a lighthearted bonus.

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Mismatched Blueberry Chrome

Pair a couple of blueberry accent nails with solid blue chrome and a plaid pattern for a summer-ready take on the ever-trendy mismatched mani.

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Yellow French Fruit Salad

The cool tones of blueberries pair exceptionally well with sunny yellow. To achieve this look, begin with a yellow French manicure as your base, then create a plaid pattern on top for picnic vibes. Opt for blueberries on each nail for a cohesive theme, or get creative by incorporating other fruits (as seen here). This approach allows you to customize your manicure with various vibrant elements.

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Classic Blueberry Chic

Here's yet another stylish way to incorporate blueberries into your manicure. The use of a white base on two nails enhances the vibrancy of the blueberries, making them pop.

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Short Blueberry Nails

Even if you have short nails, you can still have fun with the blueberry trend. The cream base lets the berry accents really pop.

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Blueberry Pattern French

Combine two aesthetics effortlessly with this manicure featuring blueberry nail art and French tips. The tiny blueberries add a charming element, ensuring people will do a double-take when checking out your fresh look.

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Blueberry Ribbon

A true head-turner, this blueberry ribbon manicure is sure to capture attention. The charming ribbon accents add a coquettish twist, while touches of plaid give the look an extra-summery touch.

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Blueberry Chrome

This modern take on chrome nails is absolutely mesmerizing, featuring a chic, cool blue tone and blueberry art on top. It's a striking combo that blends modern chrome with playful, fruit-inspired designs, emanating a fun and edgy vibe.

We've get you ready for your beautiful blueberry nails! The Shampoo Lounge has been attending to an international and Indonesian clientele since 2012 so check out our our website and our TripAdvisor reviews! We can’t wait to have you in.

Article written by Claire Brodsky for Byrdie


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