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16 blonde hair trends that'll convince you to go light this summer

From silver strands to a bronze balayage

It's a tale as old as time, every year when summer rolls around and the temps creep up, we start to crave lighter locks. Well for 2021, blonde hair has been reinvented (and basic boring highlights are nowhere to be seen). Yup, from apricot blondes to silver-tinted strands, if you're thinking about lightening your hair for summer, these are the trends to try....


Beige Blonde

Try a sandy, warm-tone blonde with caramel lowlights blended into creamy highlights. Beaut.


Flashes of gold

Add a few streaks of bright gold to your lengths this summer.



Caramel-toned hair works a treat for warming the complexion.


Going Greige

This muted grey balayage is the epitome of cool-girl hair.


Uh-Huh Honey

Copper meets honey is our favourite hair hue to crush on this season.


Muted Pastels

Dip your strands into rainbow hair territory with a faded pastel wash.


Beachy balayage

Move over beachy waves, this summer is all about a beachy balayage. Yup, surfer-girl hair is a winner for summer, opt for face-framing highlights to enhance your features.


Ice Cold

Embrace those khaleesi hair vibes with a dreamy white-blonde dye job.


Apricot Blonde

A wash of creamy apricot over bleach blonde = the perfect pastel.


Chunky Caramel Balayage

Who says brunettes can't get in on the fun? Lighten up your deeper tones with a chunky blonde balayage.


Silver-Tinted Strands

Metallic hair is huge right now, and these silver-tinted strands are leading the trend.


Fade To Ash

If you want to go white blonde (minus the maintenance) opt for a rooty ash blonde instead.


Dipped In Bronze

Bronze and honey highlights are the perfect way to add warmth through your tresses this summer.


Ribbon-Blended Balayage

Ribbons of caramel and ash are painted through the lengths to give a melted blonde finish.


Champagne Blonde

Dark blonde is always going to look chic. Let your natural colour peep through and give the illusion of lowlights.


Not-Quite-White Blonde

Hairstylist (and colour goddess), Kristen Ess, has done it again. This milky not-quite-white blonde is giving us all the hair envy RN.

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by Victoria Jowett for Cosmopolitan


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