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17 Hair Trends for Curly Hair to Copy Now

According to stylists.

Have you ever noticed that many popular hairstyles revolve around straight or wavy manes? Angled bobs, French girl bangs, slicked-back buns—they all tend to work best on straight hair. But what about the girls (and guys!) with curls? We chatted with a few hairstylists to determine the most popular hair trends for curly hair.

From long, loose, flowy curls à la Beyoncé to pinned-back curls, ahead, peruse 17 curly hair trends.

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Long, Loose, and Flowy Curls

Beyoncé wowed crowds when she showed up to the Atlantis The Royal Grand Reveal back in January 2023—and it was for more than just her first full concert in four years. Her gorgeous, hydrated, cascading curls turned heads, too. “I’m in love with this look that is all about the hydration that starts with nourishing products that celebrate shine and movement,” says celebrity hairstylist Aviva Jansen Perea. “Anyone can pull off this look and I think it looks best with a center part.”

Celebrity hairstylist Valery Joseph is another fan of the long, loose, and flowy curl trend. “The mermaid is a beachy style that looks amazing on those with long, curly hair,” he says, nodding to Beyoncé. “This can be achieved by just air drying hair and finishing with your favorite hair oil.”

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Curly Top Knot

If you’re tight on time, celebrity hairstylist Valery Joseph recommends opting for a top knot to manage and show off your curls. “A top knot is an easy and quick style that anyone can do,” he says, noting that Ciara’s take on the look is a great example. “Simply gather all of your hair at the crown of the head and secure it with an elastic. Pull out some face-framing pieces to tie it all together.

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Curly High Pony

Hoping to show off your texture while still getting it out of your face? Joseph says to opt for a high ponytail and half-up pony like Jennifer Lopez’s above. “Curly high ponytails are perfect for those wanting to get their hair out of their face while looking polished and chic,” he says. To make it look especially stylish, twist a few strands around the base of the pony and pin the ends in place underneath to conceal the elastic.

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Deep Side Part

Over the past few years, the middle part has reigned supreme. According to Joseph, though, the deep side part is making a major comeback. “Move over, middle part—the side part is back,” he exclaims, noting that Rihanna often rocks the look. “I love a deep defined side part paired with old Hollywood style curls to give that elegant and sophisticated look.” Deep side parts also work well on natural curls and man-made crimped texture. You really can’t go wrong.

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Big Bouncy Curls

If you have super coily hair that really maintains its tension and bounce, Joseph says to work with it, not against it. “When I think of curls, I think of big and bouncy,” he explains, nodding to Zendaya’s Dune premiere ‘do for reference. “The ‘70s was an era filled with big hair to match big personalities, and ‘70s hair constantly makes a comeback for a reason.” When working to achieve this level of bounce, keep your hands and brushes off your hair. The only thing you should use is a dryer with a diffuser paired with curl-enhancing products like mousse and shine serum.

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The Elevated Shag

Another retro-inspired hairstyle that’s made a splash in recent years is the shag—a style that works especially well with natural texture. “The elevated shag incorporates choppy layers and shorter bangs for a style that’s a modern take on a classic cut,” Joseph says, noting that Natasha Lyonne rocks the look. “I especially love this for those with curly hair as the curls add tons of body.” To make this style really shine, add a texture product into your styling routine, such as a dry volumizing spray or powder.

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Coiled Pixie

Curly hair looks beautiful at every length, so if you want to go short, there’s no reason to be shy with the scissors. “Short styles like a pixie are perfect for those with tighter curls as it can create a nice shape around the face,” Joseph says, noting that Julia Garner’s platinum pixie proves it. “I recommend styling with a volumizing mousse or gel.”

Curly pixies are also trending due to their overall ease of styling. “The curly pixie is a daring and short cut that shows off your natural curl pattern and can be low maintenance for day-to-day styling,” says hairstylist and Goldie Locks chief product officer Devin Graciano.

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Curly Bangs

Whoever said curly hair can’t pull off bangs clearly never saw just how stunning Zendaya, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and many other A-listers look with the cut. “Bangs aren’t just for straight hair,” Joseph exclaims. “Cut right around the eyebrow, curly bangs can add more personality to any style.” That said, Joseph points out that curly bangs tend to be most flattering on longer face shapes.

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Curly Bob

Kerry Washington is the queen of the curly bob—a style that Joseph says is trending for its timeless elegance. “I love to cut curly bobs at an angle to add that extra dimension and accentuate the facial features,” he reveals.

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Soft Curls

Graciano says that less prepped, more brushed-out curly styles are making the rounds on social media. Think: Taylor Swift’s fluffy, blown-out ‘do for the 2024 Golden Globes. “While the curls still look intact, we are seeing the curls brushed through slightly to give a more touchable or just been touched end result,” Graciano says. To get this look, try using a wide-tooth comb to break up your curls and a boar bristle brush to lightly smooth them.

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Blonde Curls

Another popular curly hair trend has less to do with how it’s styled and more to do with color. “Blonde and or pre-lightened curls always please,” Graciano says. “Adding blonde highlights or a full head of blonde creates a stunning dimension and shows off your natural curl.” Just look at Rihanna’s platinum curls above. Stunning, no?

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Natural Curls

Don’t feel like you have to get an ultra-specific trendy haircut or color for your curls to look their best, though. According to celebrity hairstylist Jerome Lordet, requesting a “curl cut” that caters to your natural texture might just be the most flattering option of all.

“Don’t fight your natural texture in heat and humidity—natural hair and massive, long waves (which we saw a lot of at the Met Gala) are trending, so instead, start the summer with a cut for your curls, point cutting each one to the desired length (this can be a trim or a chop; it just focuses on tending to the texture) and then finding a good curl cream, wave spray, and shine spray or serum that work for you, as well as a dry shampoo,” he says. “Curl creams are great for forming stubborn pieces to the right shape, and wave sprays can be scrunched in to keep your all-over texture. If you’re prone to frizz, work in an oil or serum from mid-lengths to ends to tame flyaways and add shine, and if your curls land perfectly one day, use dry shampoo to avoid washing for a few days. Curls are prone to dryness in heat, so skipping an extra day will help keep [them] healthy.”

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Soft Ombre Balayage

Curls are gorgeous in all-over blonde, yes, but there’s something to be said about shade shifts along each strand, too. That’s why Lordet is such a big fan of ombre balayage coloring on curls. “If you have natural curls, adding in an ombre balayage will blend into the shape of your hair and add depth and texture,” he explains. “It’s great for summer because it’s low maintenance, and you won’t be in desperate need of root touch-ups if you plan on traveling or not having access to your stylist.”

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Pinned-Back Curls

If you want to keep your hair out of your face but don’t want to pull it up, Lordet says to use hair accessories to your advantage. “Pull back some or all of your natural curls in summer with interesting accessories,” he suggests. “Obviously claw clips have been trendy for a while, but as we see at events like the Met, celebrity weddings, and recent runways, unique hair accessories are becoming more exciting. Bows were all the rage, but for summer, try pearlescent, opalescent, or metallic clips or bands to keep curls in place and off your neck.”

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Bouncy Blowout

While we’re all for embracing your natural texture, some occasions might call for switching things up. “If you normally wear your curls naturally, summer events like weddings are an excuse to change it up completely with a big, voluminous blowout,” Lordet says, noting that Sabrina Carpenter is a prime example of the style. “Natural curls will help to provide volume, but you can increase it further with a volume spray. Start by spraying damp hair with an anti-frizz spray, and work through small sections with a round brush to smooth out each piece. Finish with a little bit of lightweight hair spray to help keep hair in its shape, and you can sleep with your hair in a loose wrapped bun to hold the bends and help extend its life an extra day.”

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Pineapple Pony

The pineapple plop is a curly girl fave! “This is an updo that’s easy (often used as a protective style for sleep) but can be styled just so to be a fun, chic summer look,” Lordet says, noting that it works best with medium-length curls. “Pull curls into a pony on the top of your head and let the curls spill over into your bangs (or if you don’t have bangs, use the ends of your hair to fake it). You can use a curl cream to define your face-framing curls and help them fall just so on your face.”

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French Bob

The French bob is another style that works well with curly hair. It combines a few of the aforementioned trends—bobs, side parts, and brushed-out curls—for an effortlessly chic end look. “The French bob is characterized by a chin-length blunt cut with soft piecey layers and often either a full bang or curtain bangs,” Perea says. “This style looks good on everyone because really the style is the cut. It’s timeless and super chic and can be worn with many different curl types [and even super straight hair].” Perea created America Ferrera’s 2024 Oscars look by blowing out her natural texture and then adding subtle bends back in with a flat iron and curling iron. “The key to this look is to balance the blunt ends with movement through the mid-lengths so a texturizing spray is key and you want to pick one based on the moisture needs of your hair,” Perea adds.

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Article written by Rebecca Norris for Instyle


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