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2 Summer Mistakes That Are Making Your Frizzy Hair So Much Worse—Stop These Immediately!

Wearing sunscreen and drinking water are just some of the many habits you should be doing this summer. You gotta protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and more importantly, you have to stay hydrated. Aside from these, it’s also a good idea to practice certain hair care habits, especially if your locks tend to become frizzy during this season.

According to Pantene, “Hair become frizzy because of two factors: moisture in the air and moisture in your hair. If you have dry hair, you are more likely to develop frizz because the cuticle absorbs moisture in the air, swelling up. Likewise, humidity combined with dry hair leads to frizz because humid air has more moisture in it than dry. If the air is dry, conversely, you may have more static in your hair, which is easier to take care of than frizz.”

With that being said, it’s good to know the most common mistakes you should avoid when dealing with frizzy hair during the summer. Keep reading to learn more from hair and health expert Dr. Virginia Blackwell, M.D. of Eve Magazine.

Mistakes That Worsen Frizzy Hair During The Summer

Using a cotton towel to dry your hair.

“Drying your hair using a cotton towel may tangle up your hair together and make them heavy,” Dr. Blackwell tells us. She warns, “This may lead to hair loss because hair follicles are pulled open and damaged. Additionally, lifting your hair off the towel may lead to sunburns since it will soak up sweat, making hair stick to it and become heavier.”

In an article published by Byrdie, experts recommend using a microfiber towel instead “since the tiny fabric particles are meant to be far gentler on the hair cuticle than cotton.” They suggest to use the microfiber towel to “dab and gently squeeze your locks until you’re no longer dripping.”

Applying hair products when your hair is still very wet.

Dr. Blackwell adds, “When you use hair products on your hair while still very damp and blow dry it, your frizzy hair may become stiff, damaged, and difficult to style. As your hair dries up, the product may turn white and settle in your hair cuticles, which are stiff, leading to hair breakage.” So keep in mind: It’s best to wait until your hair is fully dry before you apply hair products.

Summer Hair Care Tips For Frizzy Hair

Below, Dr. Blackwell shares the best practices you should be following this summer if you have frizzy hair.

“Use a good straightener or curling iron to smooth the frizz and give your hair some shape. Start early in the hair styling process, so you don’t accidentally create additional frizz from using too much product.”
“Use products made for frizzy hair. Try a leave-in conditioner for curly hair and scrunch it into your damp hair.”
“Use lightweight products that will not weigh down your fine hair while providing lasting moisture, control, and shine.”

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Jul 22, 2022


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