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23 Short Nail Ideas and Designs to Add to Your Mani Rotation

Long nails might be trending right now—I feel like they’re all over IG—but I promise you that those claws aren’t worth all the trouble. Like, how does anyone get anything done with long-ass nails? I have so many questions: Can you type an email? How do you send a text? How do you take out your contacts? Seriously though, long nails are way too complicated for me. That’s why I keep mine short and neat. I feel like they get a bad rap for looking stubby or not being as cute as long nails, but trust me—it all depends on the type of nail art you swipe on those bbs.

In case you've had some trouble in the past picking out nail art and trends that work with your short nails, not against them, we decided to help you out. Ahead, we pulled together 23 of the coolest short nail ideas and designs for you to try out ASAP.

1. This Mix-and-Match Mani for Short Nails

One major perk of choosing this mix-and-match design for your short nails? It's wayyy easier to DIY—you don't have to be perfect while swiping on the polish, because every nail has to look different anyways.