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3 Life-Altering Chin-Length Hairstyles Every Woman Over 40 Should Try To Instantly Take 10 Years Off

How you cut your hair is one of the primary determinants in how old you look. Regardless of your age, the wrong style can instantly drag down your look, making you appear older than you are and highlighting the wrong features. If you like a shorter cut but aren’t sure which style will enhance your natural beauty, these are the three hair expert approved chin-length styles you should be trying out this spring to instantly look younger.

Angled Bob with Color

Taking a twist on the classic one-length bob, an angled style will provide texture to your locks, offering more movement to enhance your youth. “This style always ends up in the face, which is kind of where we want it in order to hide imperfections. If you add a warm dash of color, it really looks very sleek,” says hair expert Ghanima Abdullah. As you grow older, a style which draws attention away from fine lines and wrinkles will become ideal, so this angled chop is perfect.

Layered Bob

Layers are another great way to hide your age, injecting life into your locks while preventing them from simply hanging limply. “A short crop can make you look and feel more youthful. The crop is a bold look that removes all the length and weight, opening up your face completely. It allows you to focus on all facial features unobstructed,” says celebrity hairstylist Frankie Sanderson. “Layers are great for hiding age. Square chunky layers, in fact. Face framing pieces, chunky layers and texture, nothing past the collar, bangs, and don’t forget to style!”

Bob & Bangs

Bangs are back in style in a big way, and are incidentally also great for minimizing signs of aging. Paired with a chin length bob, this cut will cover any wrinkles or fine lines on the forehead while adding intrigue to your locks. “Bangs provide a youthful look by visually narrowing your face. You can go for bouncy bangs for a playful look or side-swept bangs that give an elegant vibe,” says hairstylist Brooke Shawn.

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Article written by by Merrell Readman for shefinds


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