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30 On-Trend Asian Hairstyles for Women

Contrary to popular belief, Asian hairstyles for women are not just a few – there are too many to mention every single one of them. Besides, not every Asian girl has silky, fine hair. Some ladies are lucky enough to have naturally thick hair. It might be difficult to style, but definitely not impossible – you just need to find the perfect haircut for you. Whether you’re looking for Asian short hairstyles or Asian long hair cuts, take a look at the 30 best and most popular Asian hairdos inspired by Asian celebrities and simply beautiful women.

1. Shoulder-Length Hair with Waves.

Asian hair does look cute with layers delivering the trendy tousled texture. Loose waves and highlights will complete your Asian hairstyle. Female cuts like this one look bouncy and chic.

2. Medium-Length Asian Layered Hair.

To rock this pretty Korean hairstyle, women need to take extra care of their hair, trim it regularly, and add wispy layers to make it look healthy.

3. Asian Pixie Cut.

Are you used to short hair but want to try something new? Go for this long feathered pixie that adds movement and volume to your locks and makes you look even younger.

4. Pastel Peek-a-Boo Highlights.

Consider mixing a pastel color with your naturally dark hair and make all the girls around complementing your beauty and creativity.

5. Blunt Ombre Bob.

The reason why bobs are so popular among Asian ladies is that a hairstyle like this provides an energetic, edgy vibe and makes any woman look youthful

6. Tousled Princess Curls.

A princess look doesn’t always mean long braided hair. You could pull off a royal look with short curly hair too!

7. Sliced Cut with See-Through Bangs.

If you have straight hair, check out this hairstyle. It will encourage your strands to appear thicker, while the bangs will spice up the cut, making it more creative and refreshing.

8. Korean Short Bob.

Short Asian girl hairstyles have always been very mainstream. No wonder this Korean hairstyle constantly makes its way to the runways and red carpets.

9. Layered Pixie with Korean Side Bangs.

These wispy layers are to die for, aren’t they? Besides, they look amazing with an oval-shaped face, as they visually frame it and accentuate cheekbones.

10. Edgy Textured Asian Bob Haircut.

As mentioned before, Asian short hair styles are always trendy. To refresh your bob a bit, consider adding shaggy layers for more texture.

11. Center-Parted Choppy Shag.

Shag haircuts are sporty and casual yet classy. Besides, such subtle highlights look very natural, and that’s what we love about them!

12. Razored Bob with Bangs.

Here’s a universal haircut for women who want low-maintenance hair. Razored bobs are becoming more and more popular, and they look quite sophisticated and delicate.

13. Platinum Dye Job for Asian Hair.

Women love experimenting with their hair, and Asian haircuts are ideal to try fresh looks. Consider dyeing your hair gray or platinum-blonde, as it’s one of the hottest 2021 trends.

14. Ravishing Smoky Purple Balayage.

If you’re risky and bold, here’s a hairstyle for you! Melting from dark chocolate and purple to icy blonde and lavender pink – only a true artist could have created this magic.

15. Korean Bangs.

Embrace your naturally silky strands with the classic Asian hairstyle featuring a medium textured cut and see-through wispy Korean bangs.

16. Long Hair with Face-Framing Layers.

Another beautiful variation of the classic Asian straight hair look. For a more dazzling appearance, try curling the ends inwards and outwards randomly.

17. Chic Blunt Bob.

This hairdo has captured the hearts and minds of ladies all around the world. If you’re lucky to have lighter hair, try this stylish bob and see how many compliments you’ll get right away.

18. Inverted Shaggy Lob.

A crazy new alternative for Asian short hairdos, this beautiful cut with uneven layers and a lifted crown provides extra dimension and volume to your hair.

19. Wavy Long Hair with Chinese Bangs.

This long wavy hair is an incredible example of how your natural dark color and a properly chosen haircut can make your facial features appear softer.

20. Straight Short Hair for Asian Women.

If your hair is thin, try this amazing Korean short hairstyle. Sleek bobs like this one look very stylish, and they’re quite practical too because styling them doesn’t take long.

21. Long Waves with Subtle Highlights.

Some people are fortunate to have hair that looks naturally gorgeous. It needs no styling, no dyeing – but adding some highlights never killed anybody, right?

22. Long Choppy Asian Waves.

Do you think waves will ever go out of style? Hard to imagine it, as they are evergreen and perfect for any occasion. Adding a few bright strands in the front could spice up the hairdo a lot!

23. Long Curly Hairstyle with Baby Bangs.

Be the light and cheer of any event with your Asian curly hair. We are so inspired by the hair like that – it’s charming, edgy, and carefree!

24. Asian Balayage.

Long wavy hair is always a great choice, especially when it’s colored with a caramel dye against a dark base color. The rich chocolate shade will fit any skin tone, making you stand out from the crowd.

25. Pink Lob with Dark Roots.

The days of neon hair colors are gone for now, and pastels have become a new trend. As for lobs, they provide a framing and slimming effect, so in case you have a round face, definitely try this cut!

26. Wavy Bob with Money Pieces.

In case you prefer rocking an Asian haircut that is quite low-maintenance but still looks creative and unique, we surely recommend trying this one!

27. Cascading Silky Waves.

The waves are perfectly volumized and flipped up at the ends. It’s difficult to imagine a more elegant and feminine look for an Asian girl.

28. Black Medium Asian Hairstyle.

Female Asian hair is beautiful and charming. This is one of the most popular hairstyles among Asian ladies, and it’s easy to see why!

29. Brave Platinum Blonde Bob.

Willing to spice up your classic bob? Then why not experiment with blonde hair and pink dip dye? Thanks to the common dark base color of Asian hairstyles, opting for bright tones makes for an incredibly modern contrasting look!

30. Soft Waves with Highlights.

Women’s Asian hairstyles with layers and waves are truly amazing. Try adding highlights to your hair to create a sun-kissed look.

We have to admit it, Asian girls rock all haircuts! Whether it’s a Korean haircut, or Chinese hairstyle, or a simple balayage Asian hair option – they all look wonderful, sexy, and incredibly youthful. You can also try something a bit edgier like a bob with Asian bangs or a trendy Korean hairstyle female short cut. When you feel the need to refresh your style, your possibilities are unlimited. Be brave and experiment as much as you want with your beautiful hair!

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