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35 Hot Hair Color Trends You Should Try

Feeling uninspired when it comes to your hair? Fear not, we’ve rounded up the hair color trends of the moment to help you discover your next shade. Last year was all about casual and easy hair color like sandy blondes or warm brunettes. Now, we expect folks to really come out of their pandemic shells and start experimenting with vivid color once more. From E-girl streaks to all the reds, we’ve got all the best hair color trends that are moving the needle and looking fresh.

As the fall season approaches you might want to warm your color up, and one of the meta-trends this season will be tons of different reds. Red is the perfect color to experiment with because you can cool it off with strawberry blondes or warm it up with vivid crimsons. We’ll discuss a few of the red hair trends as it’s a biggie this year as well as some under-the-radar trends that have been requested. Be sure to hang on to this list and show your stylist anything that strikes your fancy. All right! Let’s talk about hot hair color trends!

Get Inspired for a Change with These Hair Color Trends!

All I Can See Is Red, Red, Red, Red, Red

Yes, all the reds are having a moment. Red symbolizes vitality, passion, and warmth. So, it’s the perfect color to try if you’re returning to the office for the first time in months or simply wanting a look that screams “hot mama.” It turns out you weren’t the only one obsessed with The Queen’s Gambit! More women are requesting a deep amber color inspired by Anya Taylor-Joy‘s hair in the Netflix series.

E-Girl Streaks

Bella Hadid was an early adopter of these vibrant streaks that frame the face extremely well. Yes, those celebrity TikTok stars have started a bonafide trend in what’s called “e-girl streaks.” If you’d like to relive your days of listening to Avril Lavigne and shopping for vaguely punk clothing at Hot Topic, it’s now in style with the return of these blonde and/or red streaks in the front.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

If you’re otherwise mostly pleased with your current color, just add more dimension to it for the fall and winter months. For blondes, this means adding more buttery blondes for a warmer look or ash to play against your already warm highlights. For brunettes, add some root-beer-colored, rich highlights to add more depth.

Brown Balayage

If we all just did as Beyonce did the world would be a much better and beautiful place. She stepped out with a gorgeous brunette balayage that looked both dramatic and somehow natural at the same time. The French technique will result in more subtle highlights that appear warm and organic.

Icy Black

Shiny, glossy, black hair is making a comeback! This color flatters all skin tones as it looks so luscious and healthy. If you’d like to go back to black, consider a gloss for extra shine and plenty of layers for visual interest.

Balayage That Blonde

One of the hair color trends that’s not going anywhere is a blonde balayage which gives a natural, beachy look that translates well in the colder months as well. If you’re just now dipping your toes into blonde, a balayage will give you the most subtle application of the hair color.


If you’re already an ash blonde, consider champagne blonde highlights for a warm contrast to your silvery blonde hair. This works in the opposite as well. If you’re already a buttery, warm blonde, add ash blonde or silver to give even more depth.


A warm, walnut balayage or subtle highlights are going to be one of the big hair color trends for both blondes and brunettes as it gets colder. In the above photo, notice how the dark brunette gets a kiss of drama from that lighter shade? That’s money! For blondes, it will add a deeper layer that will look excellent in lower layers.

Copper Time!

We told you at the start of this hair color trends list that you were going to see a lot of red! Here’s one of our favorite colors to head into fall with. A super warm copper looks so vivacious and vibrant. You can ease into the look with a red gloss or a red tint to your base and just get redder with each visit.

Color Blocking

One of the hair color trends from the early aughts that we thought would never return is color-blocking hair. In the above example, we find a light purple in the bangs that frame the face with natural color for the rest. It’s a very cool look that you and your stylist can have a lot of fun with.

Metallic Purple

We could have used that last image as a two-for-one, but we are bringing you more to consider with a silvery metallic purple color. It’s one of the huge hair color trends this year. It can be worked into the hair like the above example to look more natural while still stunning anyone who sees it!


Want a color that’s magically between red, brunette, and blonde? Try a hazelnut tone that is like the center of a Venn diagram between red, brown, and warm blonde. It’s a winning look that can transition to spring and summer with some blonde thrown in or to fall and winter with some mellow brown streaks.

Embrace the Grey

The pandemic found many women going without a dye for months and months. This resulted in many folks embracing their grey hair. While full grey is pretty, you can do as many women are doing and letting a little grey come through around the face and dyeing the rest.

Mahogany Mama

For a red that verges on brown, consider a mahogany color that gives you the best of both worlds. The pigment will look fabulous if you have a dark brunette base color. We told you red is one of the hottest hair color trends!

Dark, Ashy Blonde

Dark roots will be with us for a while but they are lightened up with a mix of mostly ash-blonde with a hint of gold in the mix as well. You can keep the layers that frame the face lighter for a dramatic effect.

Reverse It

According to Glamour, “If you already have bright highlights but are looking for something with an easier grow-out,” a reverse balayage might be best for you. They advise asking “for a root color that’s one shade lighter than your natural.”

Stay Chunky

One of the hair color trends that doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon are chunky highlights. Yes, those chunky highlights from the late 1990s and early 2000s are back in a huge way. If you’d a style that’s a bit of a throwback, it could be perfect for you.

Subtle Auburn

For a subtle touch of warmth, ask your stylist to add a shade of auburn throughout the hair that’s not too far from your base tone. It will warm up your hair and give it tons of dimension.

Auburn That Pops

For a statement, go with auburn strands that really stand out. Both styles of adding auburn color to your hair are huge hair color trends this year.

Warm & Buttery Blondes

The kids are bringing back super warm blondes. It’s the perfect color if your natural hair is blonde as you can grow out the roots for a cool effect and then add highlights a couple of times through the year for maintenance

Metallic Blue

Similar to the purple hair color trends we showed you earlier, a metallic grey color that’s so cool it’s almost silver or grey, is a popular choice today. If you’d like some radical color, going super ashy and metallic with it will yield a stunning result.

Nearly Invisible Highlights

Ask your stylist for subtle highlights that are a shade or two lighter than your natural color. You will not believe how much depth it adds. Also, it’s one of the most low-maintenance hair color trends on this list.

Flirting with Blonde?

If you’re a brunette who is flirting with the idea of going blonde we have the perfect gateway to it for most. A matte brown highlight will lighten your hair up and when/if the time comes for you to add blonde it will become yet another added dimension.

Cherry Bomb

Cherry red hair has emerged as one of the year’s hottest hair color trends. It’s not only red-hot, it’s also one of the boldest looks on this list.

Burgundy, Baby

If cherry red is a step too far, another one of the hottest hair color trends might be perfect for you! Burgundy hair was huge in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It’s back baby! Burgundy is going to look perfect next to every skin tone which also makes this one a real winner!

Inky Black

True, pitch-black har is making a comeback. If you don’t want to fuss with any highlights, just go for the gloss and walk away with one dramatic and gorgeous look!

Pastel Balayage

For a look that manages to work an unnatural tone into that of your natural hair, consider the pastel balayage. It’s one of the hair color trends we’re most excited to see more of because we find it the perfect compromise between radical color and your natural tone.

Coral Color

We very well may have Sienna Miller to thank for the coral hair color trend we’ve been seeing everywhere. It’s a warm look that plays well with blonde.


Gisele Bündchen feels like the queen of blonde babylights. They are simply tiny, strategically placed highlights that appear natural, almost like balayage.

Go Bronde

The lower part of your hair gets the blonde treatment while your roots stay dark. Nicole Richie has been doing it for the last several years and we think her hair is always at 100. It’s the perfect balance between blonde and brunette hair.

The Almost Ombre

No one does cool like Zendaya. The superstar tends to keep her roots dark while letting the rest of her hair warm her face up. The contrast really does make her hair look dynamic.

Bronze Beauty

Bronze is back, baby! If you’re into those warm locks but want a light brown hair color, bronze could be the perfect option for you. Leave your roots dark for a cool effect if you want some contrast!

Sandlewood Streaks

Go with a warm, light brown with hair that has a lot of texture to literally highlight all the texture in your hair. Your curls will look excellent with something similar.

Reverse Ombre

Instead of dark roots, lighten those up and deepen the color of the rest of your hair for an unrecognizable new look that you’ll fall in love with. It’s one of the hair color trends that is really making waves.

Tortoiseshell Balayage

Get all the dimensions with a look stylists are calling “tortoiseshell balayage.” With it, you get chocolate, caramel, honey, and a bit of bronde. If you can’t decide on one direction to go with, go in all the brown hair color directions for a truly impeccable look.

There you go! We hope you found some hair color trends worth giving a shot. We know you’re just dyeing for a change… If you’re bored with your current color situation, you should mix things up and try something new. As you’ve seen, there are so many different hair color trends sweeping salons across the country right now. No matter your fancy, we think a change will do you good!

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Article written by Andrew Kreeger for Mama Sun Cut

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