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4 Chic, Low-Maintenance Hairstyles Stylists Recommend To Hide Signs Of Thinning Hair Over 40—They Add So Much Volume

Just because thinning hair is normal and natural doesn’t mean it’s fun to deal with, especially if you’ve gotten used to wearing your hair in a certain style that no longer looks as full and glam as it once did. Serious hair loss could have an easily identifiable culprit, and visiting a dermatologist is a good idea to get some answers and a longer term solution. But you also want to wake up in the morning and head out the door feeling confident and like your best self. That’s when it’s a good idea to keep a few low-maintenance, universally flattering hairstyles in your back pocket.

Here are four chic, low-maintenance hairstyles stylists recommend to hide signs of thinning hair over 40.

Loose Bun

A loose bun looks elegant, especially when you pair it with an informal outfit like jeans and a T-shirt or joggers and a sweater. But the other great thing about a bun is that it can be positioned anywhere on your head where you feel the most self conscious about thinning and bald spots — whether that means at the nape of the neck or the top of your head. It’s important though to keep it on the loose side because tight updos can pull on the scalp and contribute to more hair thinning and shedding — which is obviously the opposite of your desired effect. Invest in some pretty barrettes or a bow to draw even more attention to your chic ‘do.

Root Spray and a Blowout

Have you heard the great news? The ‘90s classic blowout is back and bigger than ever. We know what you might be thinking: how is a blowout low maintenance? But keep in mind: if you take your time, use the right products, and blow it out right (or, even better, visit a salon to get the royal blowout treatment) you may be able to get a few days out of your glam blowout before needing to shampoo your hair again.

Products are key here. Finding a volume-boosting root spray will prove important, as will a very light hairspray to maintain its shape.

Low, Casual Ponytail

Stop piling your ponytail to the top of your head, especially if you have baby hairs around your crown. Instead, try a low, casual ponytail — as loose as you can make it without it coming loose — and allow a few layers to remain loose to frame your face. This look works for different outfits and occasions, as well. If you’re getting dressed up, a pretty hair accessory and a few waves in your ponytail can look elegant.

Add Curls and Waves

The fastest way to make your hair look thicker is to add texture like curls and waves. Even if your hair is naturally fine and straight, adding a few large hot rollers or heatless curls to sections of your hair will plump it up, giving it the appearance of thicker, more voluminous hair. Before you add curling tools, apply a root lifting spray and a heat protectant if you are going to use a curling iron or hot rollers.

You deserve to feel great about yourself — and your hair. Try one of these four chic, low-maintenance, but super flattering hairstyles to feel and look amazing.

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