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4 Hairstyles for Thin Hair That Give Major Volume

Is your fine hair feeling lifeless? We’ve already discussed the secret reason your thin hair isn’t holding curl, but there’s another volume-threatening culprit that may have happened a long, long time ago: your haircut. You see, naturally thin hair needs to be snipped and shaped to encourage bouncier, more Gisele-like volume. Without the right technique, no amount of styling, curling, or pulling will give it the fuller look you want.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a little guide on the four best haircuts that magically add volume to thin hair. So when you go in for your next hair appointment, you can present one of these hairstyles for thin hair and say buh-bye to lifeless locks but hello to major volume. Please note: some of the women featured may already have thick hair, but it's their styles that will help thin-haired individuals feign volume. These cuts and stylings guarantee your thin hair looks thick and full—and no one will be the wiser. Trust us: Your hair will thank you. Keep scrolling for the four best haircuts for thin hair.

Angled Lob

A super-cropped angled lob that slightly grazes the chin will add body and shape to your thin hair. Add a middle part and ombre roots, and you’re gold. Keep scrolling for three more angled lobs we love.

The angle on Jordan Dunn’s lob creates the illusion of volume, even on straightened hair.

If you’re a pro with a curling iron, try adding a wave right in the middle of your hair shaft and leaving the ends straight like Lucy Hale’s.

Long, Light Layers

If body and volume are your goals and you prefer your strands long, you can simply ask your hairstylist to add a bit of texture on the ends. Think light, slightly feathered layers that don’t weigh your strands down. Cameron Diaz has perfected windblown waves, thanks to the subtly tapered ends of her cut.

Keep scrolling for two more midlength cuts that add volume to short hair.

Rihanna's curly layers add beautiful volume to her locks and make for easy styling that always looks effortlessly polished.

Zoe Saldana can do no wrong, and this softly tousled cut is so, so right.

The other great thing about this cut? It looks amazing with barely any styling at all, as Keira Knightley proves.

Ruffled Bob

Zendaya’s waved bob is super classic and flattering. The side part makes it extra voluminous.

What’s better than a bob? A ruffled bob, obviously. Light layers and feathered ends, as well as a slight asymmetrical angle, make this short cut an easy one to tousle and volumize. Thanks for the inspo, Sienna Miller. Keep scrolling for three more awesome ruffled bobs.

Curling the ends in and scrunching at the roots will leave you with a chic, super-modern look à la Kerry Washington.

Julianne Hough rocks her choppy bob with textured ends (may we suggest a matte finish styling paste?) and a slight side part.

The Swag

And finally, the Swag. The trendy haircut we pride ourselves on coining is perfect for those looking to add balance to their forehead area.

Keep scrolling for two more inspiring celebrity swags.

Resident cool girl Alexa Chung practically invented the Swag and is now forever the queen of the bangs-and-layers combo.

For a softer, more romantic look, curl only the ends of your Swag haircut, like Suki Waterhouse does.

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Article written by Faith Xue for Byrdie


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