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4 Trending Hair Colors for 2022

New year, new 'do. Switching up your hair color is a quick way to hit refresh and stay on top of beauty trends. Here are the shades we are already seeing more of in 2022.

Chocolate and Caramel

A darker shade of hair is perfectly accented with caramel strands. This hair color visually increases the volume of the hair, and this gives more light to the face.

Copper Luster

It is one of the most popular hair colors in the cold season. When everything fades around, this color will stand out from the crowd so you won’t go unnoticed. For upkeep, a restorative mask is recommended to protect the hair and help maintain the intesnsity of the color.


The favorite color of recent years is platinum blonde. It is the most light-reflecting blonde hair color, so the hair dyed with it will look shiny and vibrant. Note that purple shampoo helps to maintain light hair tones.

Shiraz Red

Among the most popular hair color palettes have not disappeared and red. The name of the fashionable shade of red comes from the dark grape variety "Shiraz". Deep and somewhat mysterious red is recommended for brave personalities. Shine-giving sprays with vitamins that revitalize hair, give it vitality, moisturize and protect it from heat will help preserve its beauty.

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Article written by L'Officiel Lithuania for lofficielusa


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