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40 Inspirational Ideas for Balayage Short Hair to Feel Like a Celebrity

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Experiments with balayage on short hair sometimes look even more spectacular than on long hair. Dimensional highlights make the haircut expensive and soigne. Balayage is a free-hand technique — the stylist applies colors to the hair as an arbitrary pattern, thus making it look similar to naturally sun-kissed strands. Worth trying, and this is why! Check out these hair color ideas for short hair to feel gorgeous, stunning, and modern. Forget the old method of foil highlights done in a hair shop next to the house!

1. Short Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights.

Make your tan skin shine naturally without excessive bleaching. The spiced up beachy waves with money pieces bring cool modern vibes.

2. Blonde Highlights with a Few Waves.

The natural brown hair color works best with a few highlights. You will know that you are always the center of attention.

3. Mahogany Brown Balayage for Short Hair.

Not only blondes have all the fun. Here’s a fabulous mix of stand-out colors for brunettes. With reddish balayage highlights, you get artistic results with minimal effort.

4. Long Bob with Chunky Caramel Highlights.

Why limit yourself to a solid hair color if you can have a very interesting dimensional style. A bit of metallics make you look super fresh and fun!

5. Balayage Ombre on Short Hair.

It is not a common pairing, but it seems that everyone loves it! Put in a few metallic shades to blend your natural color with highlights. Multi-dimensional tones are good for easy maintenance and effortlessly adorable looks.

6. Dirty Blonde Hair with Balayage.

Perfect for those with grown-out dark roots. Enjoy 15. Shadow Root and Balayage. Balayage on short hair is a great fit for those who don’t want to visit beauty salons often. If you are a seeker of a low-maintenance hairdo, go for the shadow root and balayage combo.

Get ready for several compliments from the guy you like!

7. Sparkling Silver Balayage.

Show off your amazing hair with bright white silver highlights. A true must-have for a funky and sassy look.

8. Cinnamon Balayage for Shorter Hair.

Do you have soft brown hair? Time to embrace some milky lightness! Diversify your look with delicate cinnamon ribbons. It is a great way to add depth to your hair, and make your eyes shine!

9. Burgundy Balayage Bob.

An inverted wavy bob is a classic beauty that never gets old. How about refreshing it with some burgundy balayage highlights? This trick will add mysterious vibes to your look.

10. Royal Gray Balayage on a Lob.

Models and celebrities are regularly going out with gray hair nowadays. Going gray has become a trend! You can also pull it off if you choose your flattering gray shades and have them blended seamlessly into your natural hair color.

11. Balayage Highlights and Lowlights for Short Hair.

A bit of cinnamon in brown hair provides a superb look. To show off the multi-tone color, a few waves and random twists will create a striking effect.

12. Blonde Sweeps on Brown Hair.

X-men’s Storm, you better sit down as there is a new strong lady in town! Confident, powerful, and wild – we know you will adore platinum accents on your dark blonde hair. Pin

13. Short Blonde Balayage.

It’s time to welcome the blonde highlights short hair combination that you have been thinking of. After all, plans should become reality, especially when it comes to finding your ideal look.

14. Choppy Layers with Balayage.

Short hair highlights look cheeky and sweet on ladies of all ages. If you want your style to feel quirky and modern, add choppy layers and tousle the hair strands.

15. Shadow Root and Balayage.

Balayage on short hair is a great fit for those who don’t want to visit beauty salons often. If you are a seeker of a low-maintenance hairdo, go for the shadow root and balayage combo.

16. Shoulder-Length Balayage Hair.

Balayage is one of the old but gold hair dye ideas for mid-length hair lacking texture. Watch it transform your hair into a luxurious, eye-catching mane!

17. Subtle Honey Blonde Balayage.

The hair color ideas for short hair are not limited to high-contrast balayage highlights. Go for a gentle gradient with honey, amber, and vanilla blonde, and enjoy the result!

18. Short Caramel Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots.

Upgrade your shag with some bent waves to maximize the natural volume of your hair. Such a hairstyle will give you an added chic factor and feel casual enough to wear it daily.

19. Partial Blonde Balayage.

Be the queen of balayage short hair with partial highlights. Dye the front strands lighter so that they frame your face and visually elongate it.

20. Romantic Blonde Balayage Bob.

The hairstyle that makes you feel happy and cozy. Keep it subtle and natural-looking with money pieces, babylights, and barely-there beach waves.

21. Brown Balayage Short Hair.

Brunette girls don’t have to opt for radical changes and bright colors. If you want to keep it simple, go for a subtle gradient incorporating mixed shades, such as cinnamon, chestnut, and auburn.

22. Purple Balayage for Short Hair.

Purple balayage is breathtaking and 100% mainstream nowadays. The rosey plum color doesn’t stand out as much as it used to, but it can still make anyone modern and trendy. Are you ready to choose your purple mate?

23. Blonde on Ash Balayage.

Ash is full of dimension and natural glow. Combine it with a blonde balayage for a classy look. This styling also works perfectly with various updos!

24. Choppy Cut with Balayage.

One of the best short hair color ideas is a partial face-framing balayage. If you are in the mood for a style revolution, match it with a tomboy haircut featuring some choppy layers to complete the rebel look.

25. Shaggy Bob with Balayage.

Balayage short dark hair is a top pick of many fashionistas. The beautiful thing about it is that you can personalize it whichever way you like. For instance, try the champagne blonde shade.

26. Volumizing Balayage.

An ideal way of spicing up a simple cut for fine hair is adding some balayage highlights to it. This hairstyle works equally well on straight, wavy, and curly hair, so give it a try!

27. Silvery Blonde Balayage for Medium Hair.

If you prefer a no-fuss style that works casually, try it out. Light waves are always appealing and never go out fashion.

28. Partial Balayage for Short Hair.

Another great idea for ladies with dark hair and brown eyes. Create a perfect natural color with partial coloring. Could it ever get more adorable?

29. Sleek Short Balayaged Hair.

Straight-haired girls often complain that their locks are too flat. With balayage, your hairstylist will add the desired dimension to your hair. Then, you can wear your sleek bob flat-ironed and voluminous.

30. Glazed Caramel Balayage.

Short brown hair with blonde highlights is a sure way to spend less time on styling while looking exceptionally adorable! For the best effect, pick warm hues, such as caramel and amber.

31. Face-Framing Balayage for Short Dark Hair.

Do you want full-bodied dimension? These shaggy waves will not spoil any style, whatever the dress code is. Jazz up your look with face-framing highlights, lending additional shine to the skin.

32. Ash Blonde Balayage on Short Hair.

Calling all blondes! This color is perfect for those who are searching for colored dimensions without too much warmth. Textured ends give it a more sophisticated vibe.

33. Tri-Color Balayage on a Bob.

A balayage bob is guaranteed to make you look glamorous. We would say that “arresting” is the word to describe this style. If you have thick hair, you should get the ends feathered for a voluminous yet lightweight look.

34. Short Shaved Hairstyle with Balayage.

Are you searching for a daring, sexy, and extravagant look? Ramp up your style with an asymmetric side shave. This haircut solution and highlights will skyrocket you to new heights!

35. Bleach Blonde Balayage and Side Bangs.

If you like to keep your locks short, there is no need to worry – you still can rock a balayage. Whether you are naturally blonde or not, this hairstyle will make you look fresh and glowing.

36. Balayage for Pixie Cut.

A balayage pixie can be tuned to flatter any complexion. Suitable for both a casual and business look. The coloring takes more planning as there is less hair to work with, but the result is fashionable and fresh.

37. Cute Balayage for Brunette Hair.

If you are tired of pictures with bright blonde streaks, try subtle highlights! Light tones help you catch the warmth and the right light! This hairstyle adds a lot of true femininity.

38. Balayage for Short Straight Hair.

Keep the roots darker, and try a soft fade towards the ends. Perfect for city girls who are searching for fashionable looks. Use a blow dryer to get it straight and add volume

39. Easy Dimensional Romantic Waves.

Incorporating chunky sparse highlights is a perfect way to impress the world with a dramatic change. A wonderful choice to start if you have never tried hair dyeing before.

40. Pretty Balayage for Thick Brown Hair.

A blonde balayage with short hair always looks better when your roots are darker. Choose a non-banal ash or creamy blonde shade if you need a major hair transformation.

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