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5 Black Eye Shadow Looks That Everyone Can Pull Off

Out of all the eye shadow colors, black is certainly the most intimidating. As is true with all darker pigments, black eye shadow looks can very easily turn messy or too much. Even the slightest mistake or bit of fallout is glaringly obvious, so it’s understandable why so many tend to steer clear of the shade. However, the beauty gurus of the internet have proven that there are so many ways to make black eye shadow much more wearable.

From YouTube to Instagram to TikTok, there’s no shortage of black eye shadow tutorials where creators share their best tips and tricks for working with the tricky shade. Whether you’re looking for dramatic black eye shadow looks or something a little bit more subtle, there’s something for everyone. Ahead, we’ve rounded up five of the best black eye shadow tutorials to get you going.

5 Black Eye Shadow Looks to Try

1. Cut Crease

If you find full-on black eye shadow looks too overwhelming, try adding a thin line of shadow along the crease of your eyelids with a skinny brush. If you’re pairing it with winged eyeliner, follow the same wing shape with the eye shadow for even more drama. Once you place the shadow, use a clean, fluffy brush to carefully blend it out to diffuse the edges.

2. Black Smokey Eye

Austalian makeup artist Jasmine Chaar shared this easy-to-follow smokey eye tutorial. First, she applies a generous amount of eye shadow primer. Without setting the primer with powder, Chaar then uses a small, dense brush to stamp, not brush, black eye shadow all over her lid. Then, using a smaller brush, she blends out the edges of the black shadow.

Finally, Chaar blends out the edges even further using a lighter brown shade. She says that you can repeat these steps until you achieve your desired level of pigment before adding a gel eyeliner and false eyelashes to finish off the look.

3. Dramatic Black Eye Shadow

If you’re on the beauty side of TikTok, you’ve surely come across Mikayla Nogueira’s videos. The makeup artist has gained popularity for her relatable makeup content and charming Boston accent and in 2020, she shared a helpful black eye shadow tutorial. First, she applies a black eye shadow primer all over the lid with a winged edge. “This is gonna help with fallout, and it’s gonna help intensify the black pigment,” she says.

Nogueira then carefully places black eye shadow on top of the primer with a flat brush before blending out the harsh lines with a small, fluffy brush. To further buff out the edges, she does this same technique again but using with a light brown eye shadow. For a bit of extra drama, Nogueira adds some glitter on top of the black eye shadow before finishing the rest of her makeup.

4. Simple Black Eye Shadow

For perhaps the most low maintenance black eye shadow look, turn to TikTok user @monicadelboutdesh’s simple tutorial. Using a dense flat brush, she applies black eye shadow all over her lid, then with the same brush, blends out the edges with a brown eye shadow (yes, we’re seeing a pattern here, too). She repeats these two steps again, and voila, a truly no-fuss smokey eye that anyone can do.

5. Smudged Eyeliner

Even a small amount of black eye shadow can seriously enhance your makeup look. Recreate this gorgeous smudged eyeliner look by first applying black eyeliner along your lash line. Then, use a small pencil brush to blend out the eyeliner, though the user @alicekingmakeup adds that if your eyeliner has already set, you can skip this step. The important part is blending out the liner with a small amount of black eye shadow to create the perfectly smudgy look.

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Article written by Catherine Santino for Glam


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