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5 Dreamy Hair-Color Trends to Start Planning For This Summer

Like the spot-on meme that taunts you every time you click open Instagram, summer is made for taking that belated birthday trip across the Turkish Riviera, bar-hopping between rooftops, or finally trying that new dreamy hair color you found on Pinterest. Should the former make you (or your wallet) tremble, planning a trip to the salon is an easy, low-pressure adventure that will still give you something to look forward to.

Even better, all the coolest trends you'll see this summer are fittingly low-key. We're talking soft, buttery highlights; grown-out roots (but in that pretty, professionally intended way); cool blond hues; and hair color that's easy as hell to maintain. Because at this point, who has the time for all the fuss?

"Summertime always inspires people to go a little lighter with their color," Tom Smith, celebrity hairstylist and international color creative director for Evo Hair, says. "Summer holidays and a more relaxed attitude during these months mean longer between appointments."

Translation? You can expect the five "easy" hair colors ahead to trend from now until the foreseeable future — and dammit, if that's not a win the world could use right now, we don't know what is.

1. Summer Hair-Color Trend: "Ripple" Highlights

Summer's answer to the "expensive blond" hair color? "Ripple" highlights, a decidedly low-maintenance alternative with just as much shine.

"Typically, highlights are woven in fine strands that melt through the hair, while balayage tends to be chunkier pieces painted away from the root, but ripple highlights are a fusion of the two: larger slices of color but painted precisely in foil right up to the root," Smith previously told POPSUGAR. "This is followed by a shadow-root toner that blurs the part nearest the scalp to keep a modern, blended result and a soft root as your hair grows."

The key, then, is to make sure outgrowth of the color is soft and flattering and not at all harsh. "Ask your stylist for sliced highlights that blend all the way through your hair and then a second-stage shadow-root toner that stops the highlights from looking streaky and helps them grow out softly by blurring the part nearest to the scalp."

2. Summer Hair-Color Trend: Copper Contour

You've seen the shade on everyone from Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber to Sophie Turner, but the trend you'll be seeing all summer takes the copper hair color to a new level. "A copper contour ties two huge 2022 trends together: copper and hair contouring," Smith says. "It's clear to see that there has been a great focus on all shades of copper, strawberry blond, and auburn."

This look will add extra dimension woven throughout the hair to play with light and shade. "Replicating this with hair color requires a bespoke approach to place complementary shades of copper, strawberry blond, mahogany, and auburn throughout the hair based on the structure of the haircut," he says. "I love seeing lighter or brighter tones placed around the face and through the ends to replicate the effects of the sun on natural hair."

Even better? It works for all skin tones. "Copper hair is not just for those who are fair-skinned," celebrity colorist and Matrix expert George Papanikolas says. "This tone can be warmed up for golden skin tones or also cooled down to a more auburn copper."

3. Summer Hair-Color Trend: Dark Honey Highlights

The prettiest tweak on balayage: dark honey highlights, which create ribbons of color while maintaining dimension. The key to this of-the-moment look? Blend, blend, blend. "This is a soft, natural-looking golden-blond color," NYC-based colorist Stephanie Brown says. "The highlights are more blended to make the color look less highlighted and more like it's lightened all over. It's a creamy honey color that's wearable for many skin tones."

4. Summer Hair-Color Trend: "Pam Anderson" Blond

On the opposite side of the spectrum — and if you're ready for a little more maintenance — the latest white-gold blond trend is inspired by model and actor Pamela Anderson and her iconic hair color. Everyone from Dua Lipa and Ciara to Kim Kardashian and Anya Taylor-Joy have tried the look on for size.

What sets this color apart is its crystal-clear tone. "This bright blond is achieved with lots of highlights and is left 'untoned' to give a slightly raw, bleached look," Smith says. "This particular shade is best described as white gold: it's not as cool as a silver or ash shade but most certainly not warm enough to be golden. Platinum blond is high maintenance and expensive to achieve, so this color trend is best left in the hands of the experienced professional."

5. Summer Hair-Color Trend: Herringbone Highlights

"Since the pandemic, it's wonderfully more acceptable to show your natural grays, and celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sarah Jessica Parker are leading the way when it comes to incorporating their gray hairs into their iconic hair colors," Smith says. "Using a herringbone pattern of highlighting, various shades are woven in among the gray strands, giving a finely balanced mix of warm and cool tones. This really celebrates gray hair by including them in a hair-color design as an additional highlight color."

To get the color, ask your stylist to mix (not nix) your grays and incorporate warm- and cool-toned highlights in an irregular way. "Not alternating each shade but scattering and diffusing the various shades around the irregular pattern of your own gray hair — since gray hairs tend to arrive sporadically and scattered — to work with this rather than fight against it for a hair-color design that is totally tailored to you."

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article written by Kelsey Castanon for PopSugar


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